Yvelines Departmental Council (France)

420 parking spaces to be managed on 2 different sites 

Since the end of 2019, the Yvelines departmental council (France) has been using the Sharvy solution to manage its 420 parking spaces spread over 2 different sites.

Some key facts about this project:

  • 1,100 agents use the Sharvy application today,
  • 30% more spaces thanks to the sharing of spaces,
  • The number of vehicles with access to the parking lot has doubled.

« The solution is very flexible and functional. The staff who use the reservation system are empowered. They have understood the benefits and comply with the systematic reservation rule, thus freeing up places for colleagues in the event of absence. This cooperation of all parties makes it possible to increase the number of places. We have estimated the potential for additional availability of places to be at least 30%. »

Florence Duhamel, Car Fleet Manager at the start of the project

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