Creating users

1. Go to the menu “Admin/Users”


2. Fill in the “Create a user” fields, or import a CSV file following the template

– Right of use: tick the boxes corresponding to the spaces to which the user will have access

– Working time: specify if the user works part-time (the fairness algorithm will take this into account when making allocations)

– Parking space and workstation: if the user has a parking space or a workstation, indicate it here

– Priority: A “Priority” user is an applicant who receives a free space before non-priority applicants.

– Automatically confirmed / Confirmed by default: A user with an “Automatically confirmed” space is a space holder who does not need to confirm the use of their parking space or workstation


3. Users created will receive a welcome email

In the list of users below, you can Edit, Reinvite by email or View user schedule.