Last weeks, our development team worked hard to launch newlong-awaited functionalities by our clients. Little recap of the novelties on Sharvy recently rolled out.

1. The types of spaces

After the spaces for bicycle, motorbike or electric vehicule, a new type of space appears: the ones for carpooling.

Also, the admins can autorize the attribuation of some specific spaces which are available (electric car, disabled people, carpool) if the car park is full on the others spaces (standard, small or large car).

2. Diary management

The admins can configure the working days of their company (from monday to friday, from monday to saturday…).

Also, it’s now possible to indicate the occasional days off (public holiday for example). These days will be automaticaly greyed out in the employees diary.

3. Availabilities in the car park

The admin can control the use of the spaces. The page “Availabilities” shows the number of available spaces in the car park. He can also see the detail of booking.

If the company chose the access control with the opening module of the barrier, the columns “Morning” and “Afternoon” would be in red if the space is occupied (detection of the barrier opening by the user), or green if it’s available.

4. Dynamic map of the car park

Sharvy can connect to parked cars detection systems, like the Sensit ones by NEDAP.

If so, the app will show a dynamic map of the car park with luminous indicators to inform on the spaces occupancy in real time. The admin will have access to more information about the arrival hour of the user.