In October 2022, Camille joined the Sharvy adventure as a Business Developer student. Find out more about her and her job in this interview!

Hello Camille, can you introduce yourself and explain your background, studies, and professional experience?

Hello ! My name is Camille Feraud, I’m 25 years old, and I’ve always lived in the Hérault region of France. I have traveled a lot, but the south of France quickly caught up with me. The sun, the beaches, the comfort of life, and not forgetting, my family… Everything convinced me to come back! 

On the professional side, I have an “atypical” background. I started with medical studies at a school of physiotherapy in Barcelona. But, I didn’t feel 100% at home there. I needed a job with more human relations! That’s why I decided to stop everything (better late than never, isn’t it?) and turn to the tourism & hotel industry through the Vatel school. 

In the end, what I enjoyed the most and the common aspect of these experiences remains : consulting. Therefore, I quickly understood that bringing my knowledge and expertise to a product and/or a service and then exchanging and maintaining a link with customers was what I wanted for my professional future. 

I needed to persevere and make my mark in the commercial sector. That’s how I ended up at IDRAC in Montpellier

Over the last two years, I have become very interested in the “Startup Nation” and I have researched this subject. So, after an internship in a vineyard (where the business side was unfortunately not very present), I joined a start-up in the field of training to carry out my first year of an alternation. This work-study program was a real turning point for me, and I now know where I want to be!  

The start-up spirit has not left me since today; I am at Sharvy to do my second year of work experience.

What is your job at Sharvy & what do you like most about it?

At Sharvy, I am Business Developer for the Spanish market

My role is to prospect for business opportunities and find the best possible strategy to penetrate the market. Today at Sharvy, we are only at the beginning of our development in the Spanish market. That is why the idea is to build a client portfolio step by step and follow it up.  

There are many things I like about my job. Firstly, highlight the versatility of the Business Developer job (at Sharvy). Whether it’s designing sales materials in Spanish, prospecting, looking for opportunities, or the final stage of the sales cycle, I never get bored. And above all, I enjoy everything! 

Beyond that, I find it exciting to conquer a new market, try out different strategies, adapt them according to the feedback, and optimize them. In short, the startup spirit is in all its glory! 

What made you want to join the Sharvy adventure?

As I said, I have become very passionate about the startup environment over the last few years. I have friends who are still working on some of the Montpellier nuggets! These companies have now experienced a great deal of growth. I have experienced some of the critical stages of hyper-growth at their side. So it is this type of adventure that I would like to be associated with.  

In this case, over the last few years, I have followed the evolution of MyCarSpot and its expansion to 2021 until it became Sharvy. I was impressed by this way of optimizing daily life, especially with teleworking, which has become increasingly popular recently. Whether helping companies implement flex office and desk booking or improving employee arrival by optimizing company car parks, Sharvy has responded to the market’s needs at the right time.  

And, by chance or coincidence, I was looking for a startup to do my second year of work experience, just as Sharvy posted the offer to develop the Spanish market. Everything aligned for me!

How did your integration go?

Great! The whole team was available and friendly. Mario games, breakfasts, teambuilding, and after work accompanied the integration. It’s hard to be better integrated.  

Whether it’s the commercial department – where I am – with Benoit, our commercial director, Imane & Margaux, as well as all the departments (Marketing, Customer Success, and Development), everyone took the time to make me feel confident, to explain things to me and to make sure that I had everything I needed to carry out my mission successfully.  

Again, thank the whole team for this; I am very grateful!

What do you like to do outside work : a hobby, a passion, a hidden talent?

Well, daily, I’m curious by nature and do a lot of activities! I love thrills like paragliding, and at the same time, I enjoy more gentle activities like golf…  

I love discovering new places to go hiking! But I also like to stroll in museums. And in the top 3 of my favorite activities, my favorite activity is searching for excellent restaurants wherever I go! Discover the culinary culture of many countries, the know-how, and practices. It’s very enriching.

What are the essential values that you defend in your work?

This question is not easy, ah ah (I don’t thank you, Manon)! However, after reflection, there are three that I would particularly emphasize—first, benevolence, then mutual aid, and trust. In short, everything that defines true team spirit, which is as essential in our daily exchanges as it is within companies. But also in the relationships, we have with our clients.  

And these values are undoubtedly what I find at Sharvy! We take it one step at a time, and no one is left out. These human values are paramount and are the keys to success. 

Finally, do you have a mentor or a person who inspires you daily?

 What an original question! In the end, dozens, even hundreds, of people inspire me daily. 

To name Pierre Soulages is a painter who impresses me. He brings out reflections of the black corridor in the most beautiful way. In parallel, the talents of Niki de Saint Phalle inspire me enormously. Moreover, her fight against inequality and injustice in everyday life is remarkable. And let’s not forget the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, who is highly talented. He offers us a breathtaking visual experience with each of his creations. 

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