Since April 2020, the Naef real estate group has been using the Sharvy application to manage its 48-space company car park in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Naef’s issue

Naef is one of Switzerland’s leading real estate groups, combining all areas of expertise: from property management for institutional investors to brokerage and the creation of high-tech online management software. The company has a dozen branches in the city centres alone.

170 employees work every day at the Lausanne branch located in the city centre, but only 48 places have been reserved in the building by the Naef Group. And of these, some are automatically allocated to the management or to priority functions. A further 70 spaces had to be rented in the neighbouring shopping centre. And then, if everything is full, the employee has to look in the adjacent streets where parking is limited to one and a half hours or risk being fined (40 Swiss francs, then 120 Swiss francs for the second time if the parking disc indicates that the parking is exceeded). So, if on the user’s side, parking can become a daily irritant, on the company’s management side, it is also a financial burden.

After much research, the Digital Director of Naef identified the Sharvy solution in April 2020 to optimise the use of their car park and thus facilitate the parking of their employees.

The use of Sharvy

Thanks to the Sharvy web and mobile application, employees who have a parking space can free it up at any time and make it available when they are not in the office (teleworking, travelling, holidays, etc.). Other Naef employees make their request via the application. The Sharvy algorithm then automatically distributes the available spaces according to the priority criteria defined beforehand. This makes it easier to turn around parking spaces.

The benefits

The application receives 30 requests for spaces every day. On average, Naef, like other Sharvy customers, can satisfy 20% more requests for spaces in its main car park.

In addition, the Sharvy tool allows requests to be saved in the administrator interface. Naef plans to retrieve the data and inject it into its HR/payroll tools. In fact, to bring equity in access and facilitate the transition to alternative and soft mobility, Naef charges the employee the price of his parking. A pay-as-you-go system could be implemented in the future using the data provided by Sharvy.

“A solution like Sharvy allows both to reduce real estate costs and to give priority to the user experience… While all over the world, companies returning from the health crisis are rethinking the organisation of their premises, accelerating the conversion of their real estate to flex office, introducing new, more diversified and qualitative services to reinforce the attractiveness of the offices, the question of the car park is integrated in the analysis: The Sharvy application, in particular with its module dedicated to parking optimisation, contributes to an expected point that had not found an economic or practical solution until now.”

Stéphane Seigneurin, CEO of Sharvy

Like Naef, optimise the use of your parking spaces and meet the parking needs of your employees!