Functional evolutions have appeared on Sharvy in the recent weeks! A quick recap of what’s new in the application.

1. Lists pagination and search bar

Beyond 100 users or resources (car park spaces, workstations, vehicles…), a pagination is now available at the top of the list. A search bar has been also added to help you to find more easily an user or a resource.

2. Moving the creation or modification of resources

Following the pagination, and to simplify the pages, the pages for adding and modifying resources are separated from the lists. To find them again, simply press the “add” button at the top of the lists, or click on the pencil icon next to a resource to edit it.

3. Colour legend

To help users, especially new ones, a colour legend is available on the request schedule. This makes it easier to find the meaning of each one and thus to know the status of their reservations.

4. Canteen registration list

You can now download the list of people registered for the canteen on a given day in Excel format by going to the Availabilities tab, and, on the card of the desired day, clicking on the “+” sign next to Canteen.

 5. QR Code generation

If you have the QR Code option for workstation management, you can print the QR Code associated with a workstation directly from its edit page.

6. Vehicle sensors

The NEDAP vehicle sensors can display the occupancy of parking spaces on the map in real time. New features have been added to this functionality: indication of the space in question, tabbed management of the parking floors and improved zooming.