Eulalie Truchelut joined Sharvy last October: discover our new Business Developer in a few questions!

Hello Eulalie, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Eulalie Truchelut and I am a Business Developer at Sharvy since October 2021. I am originally from Troyes, I arrived in Montpellier a little over a year ago, with no regrets: I fell in love with the city.

I started my studies with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations where I mainly studied geopolitics and started to learn Arabic. Having always loved art, music and culture in a broad sense, I decided to change my path and obtained a Master’s degree in Cultural Management in Newcastle, England. I also worked as a development officer for a cultural site and for several festivals before joining Sharvy!

I am passionate about football and American football, I don’t miss a game! I love travelling and foreign languages, I have worked in New Zealand and England, and I was a German teacher in high school. And, the last but not the least as they say: I am a big Star Wars fan!


Why did you join Sharvy and how did the meeting go?

I was looking for new challenges that I didn’t necessarily have in the cultural and associative world where I was working before: developing a turnover, acquiring new customers… I wanted to get a foot in the world of private companies, while remaining in a small structure. When I saw the advert on Welcome To The Jungle, I was immediately hooked: the offer corresponded to what I was looking for and the promise of the product to be sold (to facilitate the daily life of the employees) spoke to me immediately, I found a social aspect that is dear to my heart. I think that we underestimate the stress and annoyance that an employee can have if they can’t find a parking space, if they have to look for an office… Sharvy is a great product, I wanted to participate in its development.

The meeting went very well: firstly during the interviews which were real exchanges with Benoît and Stéphane. We laughed, shared our common passions, talked about travel… I have rarely had such natural and fluid interviews! And the meeting with the team was great: they invited me to the “Back to Work” day at the beginning of the school year, a few weeks before my arrival. I was very well received, and I immediately saw the general atmosphere of the company: we work but always in a good mood.


What did you particularly like about your arrival with us?

I really appreciated the trust I was given from the start. I don’t have a sales profile to begin with, it’s a new job for me to learn, and yet, after two weeks, they were already letting me demonstrate the product to customers.

And what I noticed very quickly and what I love is the general good humour, there’s always someone to make a joke. There’s never a dull moment!


Can you explain your daily life at Sharvy, what are your missions and challenges?

My mission is to find new customers to enable as many people as possible to benefit from Sharvy.

A typical day consists of 3 main tasks:

  • Searching for new opportunities, mainly through Linkedin and articles in the press talking about company problems or their move for example
  • Canvassing these prospects by email
  • Product demonstrations to incoming leads or my prospects

My big challenge soon will be to develop the German market. There is everything to do, we have never worked in this territory before, it is a great challenge that awaits me! Not forgetting the French market, where we still have a lot to do.


How would you describe Sharvy’s corporate culture, the general atmosphere?

The company culture at Sharvy is like what we sell: there is a horizontalisation of relations. We respect a hierarchy, but we don’t feel it in our exchanges and relationships with other team members. We even started with Stéphane, the founder of Sharvy and a big football fan like me, to make sports bets together!

On a day-to-day basis, it’s very pleasant: as soon as we are hired, we are on first-name terms, we communicate easily, we trust each other… Everything is in place to encourage exchanges and Stéphane involves us all in the project and in the company. We think in terms of “team”, and this is motivating to give our best. The work is always done in a good mood and with a smile.

The regular afterworks and monthly activities also contribute to this good atmosphere. We see each other in a cooler context, we talk about more personal subjects, common points that we would not have suspected! That’s how Maxime and I discovered a common passion for Star Wars!


What would you like to add?

I’m very happy to have been chosen even though I didn’t have the typical profile of a salesperson, and it’s ultimately a reflection of the team: we all have very different backgrounds and profiles, and we come from various horizons. What I like about Sharvy is that we look more for profiles and personalities than for specific skills or experience.