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Sharvy can interface with various tools you use in your company: HRIS, access control, single sign on, etc.

Moreover, we are convinced that progressing together is the key to development. This is why Sharvy is committed to build relationships with its various partners. This is a way to better understand the current challenges of companies and be closer to you.

Sharvy’s integrations

Access control

HRIS and Billing



Site accessibility, security and parking experience for employees and visitors alike is an essential element that should not be overlooked by companies. This is why Sharvy can interface with various access control and real-time data feedback solutions, such as :

  • RFID readers & badges,
  • License plate recognition cameras,
  • Parking sensors.

These technologies are often preferred by companies, allowing them to respond to the lack of fluidity and comfort resulting from a tedious and/or slow means of identification.

Ecosystème Sharvy : Contrôle d'accès

Many companies use various tools to simplify HR processes, digitise invoicing data and manage schedules.

In order to avoid duplicate entries and possible errors, Sharvy connects with your existing HR tools. The solution allows you to automatically block users’ reservation when they are off or in remote.

In addition, if you want to charge for the use of space, Sharvy allows you to extract billing files detailing the reservations of each user.

Ecosystème Sharvy : SIRH et facturation

Sharvy respects good security practices in order to preserve your company’s data, and participate in the improvement of the employee experience.

That’s why Single Sign On (SSO) is part of Sharvy’s options, via different protocols in the market!

This single sign-on technology allows your users to log in to the Sharvy application with their company ID. This avoids the multiplication of passwords, especially those considered “weak” from a cyber security point of view.

Ecosystème Sharvy : Authentification

The subject of sustainable mobility is at the core of the ecological transition, and is gradually gaining a place of choice in the decision-making process of companies.

This is why Sharvy can interface with third party solutions, such as Karos, to boost carpooling within your company. Or charging stations for electric vehicles that have the OCPP 1.6 protocol like Go-e, Lektri.co or Wallbox.

Thanks to our experience and the one of our customers, we can also help you to better manage your charging stations for electric vehicles, to create a mobility & sustainable services hub to offer to your employees and visitors.

Ecosystème Sharvy : Mobilité

Sharvy’s partners and networks




The organisational and managerial challenges of hybrid work are increasingly complex and global. To meet these challenges and to be as close as possible to our clients’ requirements, Sharvy is a member of several professional networks and organisations: French Tech Méditerranée, IDET, Immowell-lab, etc.

These numerous partners & professionals share with us their vision of the market, their issues and their recommendations during our meetings. Strengthening and managing these multiform alliances has become an essential challenge, as well as a guarantee of efficiency and credibility.

Ecosystème Sharvy : Réseaux

Hosted at Cap Omega, the Montpellier Metropolis incubator, the Sharvy solution was able to benefit from strategic support during its first years and from the richness of this ecosystem. Since September 2022, Sharvy has taken off with the move to its own offices.


However, Sharvy continues to maintain strong relationships with its partners, multiplying synergies and joint projects. This allows us to enrich our offers and to propose innovations always more powerful, with the requirements of the market!

Ecosystème Sharvy : Partenaires

At Sharvy, we believe that commitment to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach is a real driver of performance and development.


This is why the formalisation and implementation of a CSR policy is an integral part of Sharvy’s global strategy. As such, we benefit of a personalised support from Carbo application to assess our impact, carry out our Carbon Footprint and identify the actions to be taken in the future. To confirm our commitments, we have embarked on the Lucie 26000 label, the first French CSR label.

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