A global solution for Parking & Workplace management

In a single application, manage and optimise the occupancy of your parking spaces and workspaces.

Sharvy - Parking & workplace management solution

Hundreds of companies, communities and universities use Sharvy on a daily basis

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Our mission

check mark  Share your spaces among all your employees and facilitate their reservations to avoid unoccupied spaces,

check mark  Encourage the mobility of your teams,

check mark  Support new ways of working (flex office, hybrid work, desk sharing, etc).

In the age of a society focused on individualism, Sharvy wishes to reverse the trend and restore equity, sharing and solidarity within companies, so as to improve the Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QLWC) and to meet your CSR challenges.

Opt for intelligent management of your spaces


Digitalise the management of your company car park.

   Study of user mobility habits,

   Booking and release of spaces by employees,

   Allocation of spaces by our fair algorithm,

   Real-time view of availabilities and statistics on the use of spaces,

   Management of charging stations for electric vehicles,

   Access control to the car park.

Manage the charging points in your car park.

   Management of existing charging points in your car park,

   Advice, supply and installation of charging points if required,

   Reservation of a charging point by your employees from Sharvy,

   Real-time view of charging point status and monitoring of availability,

   Billing & payment for recharging from the application.

Sharvy - Desk booking and workplace management

Implement desk sharing in your company.

   Workstations and workplace management,

   Booking of a workstation according to your needs,

   Automatic allocation of desks by areas and according to your work team,

   Real-time view of available spaces,

   Access control to the building,

   Statistics on space occupancy.

Allow all your company’s resources to be booked by time slot to share them between employees.

   Create all bookable resources and time slots,

   Reservation of resources by slot by employees,

   Real-time view of availability,

   Resource usage statistics.

Resource management by time slots - Sharvy

Sharvy in a few figures…

50 000

daily users around the world.

25 %

savings on your budget on average.

30 %

more capacity thanks to space sharing.

96 %

of requests satisfied on the application.

A turnkey solution for all situations

Company relocation

Optimising occupancy

Improving QWL

Implementing flex office

You are moving and will have less space and m² than currently?

Sharvy can help you to ensure that this reduction in space does not affect your employees :

  • Study of the mobility habits of the users,
  • Sharing of spaces and work areas between employees,
  • Management of access control to the building and car park, etc.
Cas d'usage - Déménagement

In the age of hybrid work, are you faced with allocated but unoccupied spaces?

Sharvy can help you analyse and optimise the occupancy rate of your car park and workspaces :

  • Reservation of available spaces by employees,
  • Activity history, number of reservations and which types,
  • Occupancy statistics for the various spaces, etc.
Cas d'usage - Taux d'occupation

Do your employees have high expectations in terms of flexibility & innovation?

Sharvy can help you to improve the well-being of your employees and retain them over the long term :

  • Global vision on reservations & space availability,
  • Automatic workspace allocation according to a fair algorithm,
  • Sharing of offices between users to encourage the decompartmentalisation of teams.
Cas d'usage - Bien-être au travail

Do you want to do away with individual offices & offer more flexibility to your employees?

Sharvy can help you implement the flex office in your company and excel in this new organisation :

  • Sharing workspaces between employees,
  • Fair and innovative management & allocation rules,
  • An optimised and simplified hybrid work policy.
Cas d'usage - Flex office

Features to optimise your company’s spaces at the age of hybrid working

Customise your account

Set up your account according to your specificities: user profiles, visitor places, teams…

Booking and release of spaces

Allow your employees to book or release a space in a few clicks according to their needs.


Automatic space allocation

Let our fair algorithm automatically distribute the available spaces to your employees.

Multi-site management

Promote and simplify the mobility of your employees between your different sites thanks to a unified management system.


Help your users find their space with a dynamic map of your car park and workspaces.

Access control

Secure access to your car park and building with our solutions: badges, cameras, IoT modules, etc.


Collect data and analyse the occupancy of your different spaces and the use of the application.

Security and Integrations

Connect your third-party and authentication applications to Sharvy.

Do you have a workspace optimisation project and want to know more about Sharvy?

Integrations with third-party solutions to enhance the user experience

Sharvy can interface with various tools you use internally : HRIS, access control, authentication, charging points, etc.

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Our customers talk about it best!

“For our company, it’s about overhauling the mobility plan and facilitating the daily commuting for our employees to the Parisian headquarters based in Bourg-La-Reine. The reactivity of Sharvy is to be congratulated, just like the clarity of the application.”

Sophie VOLLAND, General services manager

“What I liked about the concept was that we were giving people autonomy and at the same time injecting technology into the car park access. The user benefit is obvious, especially for our students and their personal organisation!”

Julien Urruty, Director of the Resources Unit in charge of the project

“For the team that manages the car park, it’s a breath of fresh air. The app distributes spaces automatically and gives them more time to concentrate on their other tasks. We are very pleased, the app is easy to set up and use, and the customer support provides excellent service.”

Tim Peterson, Security Department