Install & manage shared charging points in companies – White paper

In the United Kingdom, companies are faced with a legal obligation to install charging points in their car parks, as soon as the number of parking spaces exceeds the minimum threshold of ten

This measure, far from being insignificant, is a call to action, inviting every company to equip itself with the necessary tools. However, this change of course (although full of promise and opportunity) may also give rise to concern and hesitation.

Faced with this major challenge, this white paper is an essential companion, guiding you step by step through the implementation and effective management of shared charging points within your company. Whether you’re new to the field, or looking for expert advice on how to optimise your existing installation, you’ll find a wealth of valuable information here.


The aim of this white paper? To enlighten & support companies wishing to install shared charging points on their parking lots. From regulatory questions to the technical aspects of installation, through to the effective management of charging points, each step is rigorously analyzed in this white paper. We also offer strategies to turn this regulatory requirement into a real opportunity!

This guide includes:

  • Electric Mobility Figures in the United Kingdom: Statistics that paint a picture companies cannot ignore: electric mobility is the future.
  • The Challenges of Installing Electric Charging Points in Companies: from the regulatory framework, to the benefits for your employees & the financial gains you could achieve.
  • Essentials to Know About Charging Points: the different charging modes & their uses, the types of plugs & their differences, etc.
  • Installing Charging Points in Your Company’s car park: the essential questions to ask & the regulations to comply with, the cost of installation & available subsidies, the obstacles to overcome, etc.
  • Managing Your Shared Charging Points in the Company: managing access to your infrastructure, supervising the use of your charging points with Sharvy & optimizing your budget.

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