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Is your car park often full?
Do you have to deal with unoccupied parking spaces every day?
Are you regularly receiving complaints from employees who do not have access to the car park?
Do you manage a multi-company car park and want to optimise its occupation?

Offer them an intelligent, digital and collaborative parking solution.

Flex parking
Company car park management solution - Sharvy

How does this car park management solution work?


Creation and settings

The administrator creates the car park, the dedicated car park spaces and the free spaces, their type, then integrates the employees in Sharvy.


Using declaration

The parking space holders can declare regularly if they’re using their space in the next few days.


Reservation of parking spaces

Each employee that needs a parking space on a certain date can then request that on Sharvy.


Space assignment

The available parking spaces are assigned automatically according to priority rules set by the administrator.

Functionalities to optimise your company car park management

Users management

Import your employees and assign each one a profile.

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  • Simplified integration of company employees and their vehicles via csv import
  • Types of users: space holders (with or without automatic validation of their parking space without any action on their part) and requesters (priority or not according to defined criteria: hierarchy, carpooling, person with reduced mobility, etc.)
  • Option: connection via Single Sign On (SSO)

Spaces reservation and allocation

Allow your employees to book a space.

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  • Release of your parking space in case of absence (teleworking, holidays, travel, illness…)
  • Reservation of a parking space according to need up to 4 weeks in advance, by half-day or full day
  • Automatic allocation using the Sharvy algorithm: either equity or chronologically
  • Confirmation by email and notification via the app with practical information on how to get to the right spot (map, floor, zone…)
  • Connection to your HRIS to disable the reservation the days off (option)

Car park access control (option)

Only allow employees with a reservation to open the gate.

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  • Optional access control solutions to replace or complement the systems already in place in the company
  • Connection to the barrier or garage automation
  • Camera with plate recognition: opening of the barrier only if the number plate is associated with a vehicle with a reserved space
  • Barrier opening IoT module: button in the Sharvy application to control the opening of the barrier or door on the day the employee has a reserved space

Car park configuration

Personnalise your car park and its specific features.

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  • Definition of parking spaces and their type: spaces allocated to a holder, free access spaces, etc.
  • Specification of the type of spaces: small vehicle, SUV, bicycle, motorbike, electric vehicle, person with reduced mobility (PRM), etc.
  • Creation of groups of spaces in the car park: according to levels, zones, buildings, etc.
  • Creation of a car park map to help employees find their parking space
  • Multi-company car park management and overflow


Analyse the occupancy of your car park.

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  • Complete history of user activity: number of connections, number of new users, who plays the game or not…
  • Car park occupancy statistics: number of reserved and released spaces, number of approved requests, attendance by day, occupancy rate…
  • CSV and Excel export

Mobility quizz (option)

Use the habits of your employees as a basis for prioritising them.

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  • Construction of a questionnaire to collect the mobility practices of employees
  • Highlighting users’ habits: reimbursement of transport costs, dropping off children, use of an electric vehicle, carpooling, etc.
  • Analysis of the results to define priority users, space holders, etc.

Our customers talk about it best!

Groupe Atlantic

For our company, it’s about overhauling the mobility plan and facilitating the daily commuting for our employees to the Parisian headquarters based in Bourg-La-Reine. The reactivity of Sharvy is to be congratulated, just like the clarity of the application.

Sophie VOLLAND, General services manager


Nielsen managed to reduce the parking spaces, and the costs in a real estate rental, without effecting the service provided to the users, thanks to Sharvy which offers an intelligent turnover system.

Vincent GABRIELE, Nielsen Facility Manager, part of JLL France

Conseil départemental des Yvelines

The agents are more responsible: They have understood the benefit and respect the rules of the reservation system, therefore freeing more spaces for colleagues in case of an absence. We have evaluated that the number of free spaces has increased by at least 30%.

Florence DUHAMEL, Car fleet manager

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