Digitise and optimise your company car park management

Choose a smart parking system with Sharvy and modernise your company car park management.


A car park management software to solve the parking management issues of companies, public organisations and universities.

Share spaces among employees

Double your parking capacity by making your car park a common asset, where spaces are shared among your employees.

Optimise the occupancy of spaces

Collect and analyse data on the use of your car park, so you can make the right decisions about your parking policy.

Save time and money

Don’t fund new car park spaces, but rather take advantage of the existing ones by automatically allocating the available spaces to your employees.

Promote well-being and QWL

Give your employees a benefit and take away the daily stress of uncertainty about parking and the time it takes to find a space.

How does this Parking Management system work?

Sharvy - Set up your account

1. Set up your Sharvy space

   Management of spaces, their typology, areas & visitor parking,

  Creation of a dynamic parking map,

   Definition of management and priority rules,

   Import and profiling of users,

   Integration with your tools and third party solutions (HRIS, access control, charging stations for electric vehicles, etc.).

2. Allow your staff to reserve or release a parking space and get one

   Release of spaces by holders on days when they are not using them,

   Parking space booking by other users, , adapted to their mode of transport (standard vehicle, electric vehicle, two-wheeler, etc.),

   Automatic allocation of spaces by our fair algorithm,

   Sending of notifications by email and through the mobile application.

Sharvy - Booking of parking space
Sharvy - Car park Access control

3. Control and secure access to your car park

   Allow access only to people with a reservation,

   Connection to your existing system (RFID readers & badges, etc),

   Opening the barrier using a camera with plate recognition or via a button in the application,

   Management and view of all the accesses to the car park.

4. Monitor and analyse your car park occupancy

   Dashboards on car park occupancy,

   Management and monitoring of electric vehicle recharging,

   Real-time view of availability by type of space,

   History of use of the application,

   CSV and Excel export of data.

Sharvy feature - Statistics

Have a look at this office parking application and discover all the features.

Integrations with third-party solutions to enhance the user experience

Sharvy can interface with various tools you use internally : HRIS, access control, authentication, charging points, etc.

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Ecosystème et intégrations Sharvy

A turnkey solution for all situations

Company relocation

Optimising occupancy

Managing charging points

Multi-site car park management

You are moving and will have less space and m² than currently?

Sharvy can help you to ensure that this reduction in space does not affect your employees :

  • Study of the mobility habits of the users,
  • Sharing of spaces and work areas between employees,
  • Management of access control to the building and car park, etc.

In the age of hybrid work, are you faced with allocated but unoccupied spaces?

Sharvy can help you analyse and optimise the occupancy rate of your car park and workspaces :

  • Reservation of available spaces by employees,
  • Activity history, number of reservations and which types,
  • Occupancy statistics for the various spaces, etc.

Do you want to optimise the use of your charging points?

Sharvy can help you develop sustainable mobility in your car park by facilitating access to charging points:

  • Control of charging from the Sharvy mobile application,
  • Real-time monitoring of charging progress,
  • Statistics and export of charging data, for billing purposes for example.

Your multi-site car park management is a real headache?

Sharvy can help you reduce the cost of implementation, improve maintenance & facilitate management :

  • A centralised SaaS solution for all sites,
  • Unified access control for all your car parks,
  • A harmonised and optimised parking policy.
Gestion des parkings multisites

Do you have car parking management issues and want the keys to solve them?

Our customers talk about it best!

“For our company, it’s about overhauling the mobility plan and facilitating the daily commuting for our employees to the Parisian headquarters based in Bourg-La-Reine. The reactivity of Sharvy is to be congratulated, just like the clarity of the application.”

Sophie VOLLAND, General services manager

“What I liked about the concept was that we were giving people autonomy and at the same time injecting technology into the car park access. The user benefit is obvious, especially for our students and their personal organisation!”

Julien Urruty, Director of the Resources Unit in charge of the project

“For the team that manages the car park, it’s a breath of fresh air. The app distributes spaces automatically and gives them more time to concentrate on their other tasks. We are very pleased, the app is easy to set up and use, and the customer support provides excellent service.”

Tim Peterson, Security Department

Frequently asked questions

What is the budget for the Sharvy application?

Sharvy offers 3 packages, depending on your needs.

1. The LITE package allows you to test the application free of charge, with unlimited users. It gives you up to 5 parking spaces, 5 workstations, and 2 resources (e.g. company cafeteria spaces, bikes, scooters, etc).

2. The FLEX package is tailored to your needs and is an annual or monthly subscription. This package grows with you & costs between €2 and €4 per space per month. So you have the complete solution to manage your space occupancy as effectively as possible.

3. The ENTERPRISE package is ideal for managing all your company’s resources. This subscription differs from the two previous packages in that it is billed per user and perfectly suits accounts with multiple resources (parking spaces, workstations, places in the company cafeteria, booked lockers, shower slots, etc).

You can find the details of our offers on the Pricing page.

My company rents spaces in a public car park : can I use Sharvy?

Yes, of course you can! However, you need to get the agreement of the landlord (i.e. the car park owner) if you want to connect Sharvy to the car park’s access control. Depending on the permissions granted, we will be able to install the desired access control solution (e.g., license plate recognition camera, IoT module, or connect the Sharvy solution to the existing badge system).

How long does the Sharvy solution take to deploy?

It takes 3 to 4 weeks from the time our support team receives all the necessary elements to create the Sharvy space.

Please note that the deployment time of the solution depends on the profile of the account created (technical specificities or not, installation of access control equipment, specific developments, etc).

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