ESC Pau Business School

207 spaces to share between 1400 students and teachers

1,100 students, 280 permanent staff and teachers have access to a 207 space car park on the ESC Pau Business school campus. A problem of optimisation that Sharvy is proud to manage since September 2020!

Some key facts about this project:

  • Elimination of parking congestion episodes,
  • Access control to the car park is facilitated by a button to open the barrier in the application,
  • The car park has become a common good managed in a collaborative way.

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    ESC Pau Business School

    “Right from the start, the feedback was very positive, especially from the students, not least because they liked the technology right away! I am with my smartphone, I activate and open the barrier simply by pressing a button. And the system is unstoppable. If the driver arrives at the barrier without a reserved space, the system is not triggered.”

    Julien URRUTY, Director of the Resources Unit in charge of the project

    About Sharvy

    Sharvy develops and markets a digital solution for managing and optimising shared spaces in companies (parking, workstations, cafeterias, etc). The objective : to facilitate the reservation of spaces by employees, to encourage their mobility and to support new ways of work (flex office, flex desk, hybrid work, etc).

    The application can be used by all types of companies and local authorities with resource optimisation issues, all around the world.

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