Subsea 7 is reducing the number of unoccupied spaces in its car park by sharing its 80 spaces between more than 200 employees thanks to Sharvy.

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Context of Subsea 7

Subsea 7, a world leader in offshore projects and services for the energy industry, has an underground car park at its offices in Sutton, England. The car park is made up of permanently allocated spaces and spaces left free for occasional use. However, due to teleworking, holidays or travel by certain employees, many spaces remained vacant on a daily basis.

With a ratio of around 5 employees to 1 parking space, Subsea 7 was looking for a solution that would enable all its staff to reserve a parking space quickly and easily when one was available.

At the end of 2020, after extensive research into the most suitable parking management solution, Sharvy was selected.

“We were a little worried at first. As Sharvy is based in France, we were unsure of the level of technical support we would receive and how quickly we would get a response. However, from the very first meetings, communication with the support team was very easy. I can say with confidence that we are satisfied with the service provided by the Sharvy team.”

Security Department, Subsea 7

Setting up of Sharvy

Thanks to Sharvy, employees who have a parking space can free it up at any time and make it available when they are not at the office (working remotely, on holiday, etc). In this way, these free spaces and those available for occasional use can be reserved by other employees. The Sharvy algorithm then distributes the spaces automatically and fairly, without any human intervention.

As well as reserving and allocating spaces, Sharvy manages access control to Subsea 7’s car park using a number-plate recognition camera installed at the entrance. Every minute, the list of vehicles is updated on the cloud and sent to the camera. If a driver has registered his or her vehicle and has a space reserved on the day, the barrier will open to allow access to the car park.

“For the team in charge of the car park, it’s a breath of fresh air. The app distributes spaces automatically, giving them more time to concentrate on other tasks. Users are very satisfied with the app’s user-friendliness and the speed with which it sends them their confirmations. For holders, it couldn’t be simpler. They have total control over their place and only need to confirm their usage every 2 weeks. This cuts out the middleman, which we love!”

Security Department, Subsea 7

Favourite features

Sharvy - Access control to the car park

The 5 features most used by Subsea 7 on a daily basis are:

  • Reservation and release of spaces by employees, enabling the sharing of spaces between everyone (the flex parking).
  • The fair algorithm, which automatically allocates spaces and favours users who have obtained the fewest.
  • Car park access control, using a camera with plate recognition that opens the barrier only if the user has a reservation.
  • A dynamic map of the car park, to show employees the space that has been allocated to them.
  • Statistics, to monitor use of the application and occupancy of spaces.

Benefits noted

Access control has therefore been greatly simplified for Subsea 7. The application manages it all by itself. Today, more than 200 employees use the application and share the company car park, which has 80 spaces.

Thanks to the statistics visible to the administrators, the team in charge of the car park can monitor changes in car park occupancy. And the results are clear to see : the number of unoccupied spaces has decreased considerably since Sharvy was introduced.

“We are extremely satisfied with Sharvy and its teams. The application is easy for our staff to set up and use. Everyone has adopted it!”

Security Department, Subsea 7

Do you need to optimise your company car park? Do you want to modernise access and management?

Follow the lead of Subsea 7 and opt for Sharvy!