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How much does Sharvy cost?

Sharvy offers two packages (LITE package & FLEX package), depending on your needs.  

The LITE offer allows you to test the application for free with an unlimited number of users. In addition, it will enable you to obtain up to five parking spaces, five workstations, and two company cafeteria spaces. 

The FLEX offer is tailored to your needs, takes the form of an annual subscription charged by the number of spaces, and follows your growth. This offer is 3 euros per seat per month. From then on, it allows you to benefit from an unlimited number of users, several centers according to your needs, a dedicated support team during the period of use, as well as support not only during the deployment and the launch with the collaborators but also during all the duration of use of the solution.  

This last point includes the support of the administrator for the configuration of the application, but also the creation of the resources and the specificities of the space, as well as the implementation of the management rules (rooms and work areas, parking spaces, available slots in the cafeteria).   

In parallel, and as an option, you can also obtain various functionalities listed on our website’s “Pricing” page. You can also request a demo for more information and a personalised quote. 

How do you invoice?

Once the contract is established, you agree to pay, in one go, and from the beginning of the agreement, the annual amount written on it. However, remember that it is common for needs to change over time. This is why a new invoice can be established with your unique needs.

In parallel, payments under the contract are made by bank transfer or by Stripe (depending on your preference), with an amount of 30 days on the invoice date. Of course, if desired, you can cancel your annual subscription on your anniversary date. In any case, you will receive a reminder to renew your subscription two months before this date

My company rents spaces in a public car park : can I still integrate the Sharvy solution?

The answer is yes, but under certain conditions! The primary need is obviously to obtain the agreement of the lessor (in other words, the owner of the car park) to connect the Sharvy solution to the access control of the company car park.  

Depending on the authorisations, we can install one of the two access control solutions mentioned above or connect to the existing badge systems.

How long does the Sharvy solution take to deploy?

On the company side, it takes a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks from when our support team receives all the necessary elements to create the Sharvy space. The deployment time of the solution varies according to the profile of the area to be made (technical specificities or not, installation of access control equipment, specific developments, etc.). 

To do this, our support team sends the administrator an Excel file to fill out and return to our team. In this file, the administrator must communicate the elements specific to the company (specificities of the car park spaces, typology of the workstations, time slots open to the reservation of a canteen space, number of spaces available for each, etc.). Once this file is in the hands of our team, it is in charge of creating the Sharvy space and all the associated specificities.  

Finally, the last step is to proceed with the integration of the collaborators in the Sharvy space specific to their company. This can be done by importing an Excel file with their email addresses, or the administrator can send an invitation link, and the user will have to create their account, create their password, or log in via SSO. 

How does the account creation process work for employees?

On the employee side, creating their personal space is simple and takes less than two minutes. It can be done in two ways. On the one hand, the administrator can make all the user accounts himself. On the other hand, he can send them an invitation link, and they will only have to choose their email address (if it is not already filled in) and their password to connect to their Sharvy personal space. 

In this second case, remember that the administrator can accept only professional emails from the company or approve the creation of other user accounts.  

Finally, and over time, if new collaborators need to be added to the solution, it is up to the administrator to take care of it by creating the user accounts or by sending them the link to the assigned space so that they can make their accounts. 

Does Sharvy offer Single Sign On (SSO) ?

Single Sign On (SSO) is one of the additional offerings that Sharvy provides! It is a single sign-on technology that allows your users to log in to the Sharvy application with their corporate credentials (for example, via Microsoft Azure or Google).  

Therefore, it avoids the multiplication of “weak” passwords. Indeed, let’s remember that the more passwords a user has to manage, the more he will tend to make them “memorable” and therefore weak from a cyber security point of view. SSO thus offers more security at this level.

Does Sharvy offer a "User Guide" for employees?

Yes, a welcome email is sent every time a user account is created. In this email, the user will find the first steps to get started with the Sharvy solution in the “How it works” section. In parallel, on our website, employees can access the Sharvy solution knowledge base. This provides the administrator and users with answers to any questions/issues they may have.  

In addition, the administrator will be able to provide all users with a PowerPoint where we explain – in detail – the key features of the Sharvy application, how to make a reservation request for a seat, how to use the access control via the application, how the reminder emails work, etc. 

What parking access control solution(s) do you offer?

We offer two leading solutions. On the one hand, access control to the car park can be done via our IoT module connected to the automation of your barrier. It allows, via a button in the Sharvy application, to command its opening when a user has a reservation.  

On the other hand, we also offer control of your barrier through a camera with plate recognition. The list of authorised license plates (vehicles of people with permanent access to the car park or users with a reservation on the day) is transferred to the camera regularly (for example, every five minutes) and allows for the identification of the vehicles automatically, accurately, and quickly! Again, this is without the need for user intervention.

Does the Sharvy solution connect to badge access controls?

Many companies use a personal badge system to manage the comings and goings of visitors and employees in some regions of the company (car park, meeting areas, etc.) and, in particular, to manage the various authorisation profiles. 

This is why the Sharvy solution can effectively connect to existing badge systems. Depending on the technology used, we may develop a software interface (API) to “connect” the Sharvy application directly to the badge readers. Please ask us about this during our first meeting to discuss the possibilities.

Does the Sharvy solution connect to HRIS software?

Sharvy can interface with a multitude of other applications you use internally and various third-party solutions : carpooling (KAROS), electric charging stations, access control, and also to your HRIS software!  

By connecting to your HRIS software, the Sharvy solution considers and ensures the proper management of days off, absences and telecommuting days of users by automatically blocking reservations for the days concerned. However, remember that this requires additional development, especially if the connector still needs to be created. 

Is the privacy of my company & employee data protected?

Sharvy is committed to ensuring that the collection and processing of your company’s and your employees’ data from the Sharvy website or via its web and mobile applications complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the French Data Protection Act

At the same time, we remind you that we only collect data that is strictly necessary for connecting to the Sharvy solution, commercial requests, or communication. That is why the data collected is only : the name, the first name, the email address of the user, and the name of the company. 

It should be noted that user data is stored exclusively in Europe and that we keep it only for the time necessary for the operations for which it was collected. Please consult our data protection policy for more information on this subject. Finally, the data is immediately deleted when the customer leaves. 

How does Sharvy manage vulnerabilities?

Sharvy ensures that production systems are kept up to date via a monthly update application. In the event of new vulnerabilities, the Sharvy team is committed to working on them within 24 hours. At the same time, it should be noted that systematic code reviews are performed on the evolutions made, checking for the absence of security flaws.

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