Groupe Atlantic puts its employees on an equal footing and shares its 87 car park spaces between the 250 employees at its Paris head office thanks to Sharvy.

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Context of the Groupe Atlantic

Major transport strikes have marked autumn 2019 in the Île-de-France region. To get to their office, many employees chose to use their personal vehicles to avoid these disruptions. For Groupe Atlantic, optimising car park access has become a priority. The car park has 87 spaces, and the site has 250 employees : a ratio of 1 to 3.

Optimising parking spaces was becoming a necessity. An Excel-based tool was developed, but the spreadsheet quickly showed its limitations when faced with the details and volumes to be managed. Sophie Volland, who was managing the car fleet at the time, thought about the B2B applications she knew that could be used to manage her fleet. She was looking for one to solve her parking problems. That’s how the Sharvy solution came to be identified.

Sophie Volland - Groupe Atlantic

“For the company, it’s a question of overhauling the mobility plan. The aim is to make it easier for employees to commute to the company’s Paris headquarters. Employees had to use their private cars to get to work. So the question of sharing parking spaces arose immediately.”

Head of General Services, Groupe Atlantic

Setting up of Sharvy

After a contact form and a demonstration of the tool, Groupe Atlantic was given a test account to check if Sharvy suited their needs. Following this successful trial, the company’s management chose the solution.

The application was then configured according to the car park’s specific requirements with the help of Sharvy support. Within a few weeks, it was deployed and the administrators were trained. A communication campaign was then run among the employees, which contributed to the rapid adoption of the solution by all.

To manage and modernise access control, a licence plate recognition camera was installed at the car park entrance. Every minute, Sharvy forwards the list of vehicles with a reservation to the camera. This ensures that only employees with a reservation on the day can enter and park in the car park.

Sophie Volland - Groupe Atlantic

“When there’s an emergency to deal with, it’s essential to be able to access and test a tool that could provide the solution straight away. Sharvy’s responsiveness is to be commended, like the clarity of the application. It was simple and effective, perfectly adapted, so we launched the project!”

Head of General Services, Groupe Atlantic

Favourite features

Use case - Booking parking space

The 5 features most used by the Groupe Atlantic on a daily basis are :

  • Reservation and release of spaces by employees, enabling the sharing of spaces between everyone.
  • The fair algorithm, which ensures that it’s not always the same people who get a space.
  • Car park access control, using a camera with plate recognition that opens the barrier only if the user has a reservation.
  • A dynamic map of the car park, to show employees the space that has been allocated to them.
  • Overflow rules, so that all available spaces can be shared with another occupant of the building, maximising car park occupancy.

Benefits noted

Unlike before, it’s no longer just managers who have access to the car park. All employees, whether on permanent or fixed-term contracts or on internships, are on an equal footing, which helps to promote their quality of life and working conditions (QWL) and well-being at work.

By sharing spaces with Sharvy, the number of spaces necessary for the company is limited. The introduction of the solution was accompanied by the cancellation of spaces rented in a neighbouring car park. This represents a saving of 25% on the Groupe Atlantic’s parking budget each year.

Sophie Volland - Groupe Atlantic

“Renting parking spaces costs us €153k a year. By sharing parking spaces, we can make potential savings of up to €38k a year, which is far from the annual cost of the solution.”

Head of General Services, Groupe Atlantic

Do you need to optimise your company car park? Do you want to modernise access and management?

Follow the lead of Groupe Atlantic and opt for Sharvy!