Optimize the occupancy of your shared spaces

In a single application, manage and optimize our parking lot, workstations and/or cafeteria.

Sharvy, digital solution to manage shared spaces in a company

Hundreds of companies, communities and universities use Sharvy on a daily basis

Our mission

check mark  Share your spaces among all your employees and facilitate their reservations to avoid unoccupied spaces,

check mark  Encourage the mobility of your teams,

check mark  Support new ways of working (flex office, hybrid work, desk sharing, etc).

In the age of a society focused on individualism, Sharvy wishes to reverse the trend and restore equity, sharing and solidarity within companies, in order to improve the Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QLWC) and to meet your CSR challenges.


Choose the intelligent management of spaces

Gestion flex parking - Sharvy

Parking lot management

Give all or some of your employees access to your parking lot.

Your employees make their reservation requests while the holders release their spaces when they are absent. Our algorithm then automatically distributes the available spaces according to the priority rules defined beforehand.

Gestion postes de travail

Workstation management

Implement flex office and desk sharing in your company.

Your employees request a workstation on the days they come on site. The algorithm assigns them one according to their team assignment. You organize the attendance schedules and have an overview of the occupancy rate of your site.

Gestion cafétéria d'entreprise - Sharvy

Cafeteria management

Organize the flow of people at lunchtime.

Your employees choose an available time slot to go to the company cafeteria on the app. This way you avoid queues. You can also anticipate the number of people in the cafeteria and ensure that the capacity is respected.

A complete solution to meet your needs and those of your employees


Reservation and allocation

  • Release and reservation of spaces on the app by employees
  • Automatic allocation using the Sharvy algorithm and regarding to priority rules defined

Customization of the building

  • Users profiling
  • Team management
  • Spaces and resources configuration  (space types, offices, rooms…)
  • Multi-site management


  • History of user activity (number of connections, booking requests…)
  • Data on the occupancy of spaces
  • CSV and Excel export

Access control

  • Connection to the barrier automation
  • Camera with plate recognition
  • Button in the app thanks to a barrier opening IoT module


  • Sending confirmations and reminders of booking by email and notification via the app
  • Sending communications to users by the administrators

Occupancy rate

  • Definition of a maximum occupancy rate for spaces and the building
  • Respect for sanitary rules and distancing


  • Parking lot map, with the possibility to see in real time the occupation of the spaces
  • Map of workspaces and floors of the building

Security and API

  • Secure authentication via Single Sign On (SSO) is possible
  • Connection to your HRIS to take into account holidays of each employee

Integrations with third-party solutions to enhance the user experience

Sharvy can interface with a multitude of other applications you use internally.

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Ecosystème et intégrations Sharvy

Our customers talk about it best!

Groupe atlantic

For our company, it’s about overhauling the mobility plan and facilitating the daily commuting for our employees to the Parisian headquarters based in Bourg-La-Reine. The reactivity of Sharvy is to be congratulated, just like the clarity of the application.

Sophie VOLLAND, General services manager


Nielsen managed to reduce the parking spaces, and the costs in a real estate rental, without affecting the service provided to the users, thanks to Sharvy which offers an intelligent turnover system.

Vincent GABRIELE, Nielsen Facility Manager, part of JLL France

Conseil départemental des Yvelines

The agents are more responsible: They have understood the benefit and respect the rules of the reservation system, therefore freeing more spaces for colleagues in case of an absence. We have evaluated that the number of free spaces has increased by at least 30%.

Florence DUHAMEL, Car fleet manager

A simplified management of spaces

Sharvy, digital solution to manage shared spaces in a company

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