The flex office is gradually taking hold in companies. What is it? What are the advantages of setting up this type of organisation of spaces?

What is the flex office?

The idea of the flex office (flex desk) was initially based on the fact that not all employees of a company are always at their desks at the same time. Between holidays, teleworking, travel and meetings, a named workstation is never used 100% every day. According to a study by Deloitte, it is even free about 40% of the time. Even more so since the strong growth of teleworking in recent months.

The flex office offers a certain freedom to the employee. They are not obliged to sit in the same place every day, they no longer have a dedicated desk and can therefore change location according to their tasks and desires : a desk in an open space, a table in the cafeteria, a cubicle… This is an innovative way of organising spaces, which overturns the codes of more traditional organisations with individual and nominative offices in particular.

What are the benefits?

In just a few years, the flex office has proven its positive impact on organisations. It offers many advantages, both for the employee and the company.


1. For the employee :

  • Greater efficiency : depending on their assignments or mood, they are free to choose where they want to work to be most productive.
  • More interaction and meetings : in some companies, it is not easy to meet colleagues from other teams. With the flex office, you choose where you want to work. This allows us to interact with people we would not normally meet.
  • Increased creativity : by encouraging exchanges between different teams, the flex office stimulates everyone’s creativity. Employees can challenge their ideas, exchange with people from different backgrounds…
  • Remedy routine : every day, the employee’s work environment can change. There is no routine and boredom for the employee, who will experience something new every day.


2. For the company :

  • A better employer brand : the company is more attractive because it adapts to current trends and the new expectations of candidates, it has an innovative image.
  • Saving space and money : the offices are no longer nominative. Several employees use the same office alternately depending on when they are present on site. By sharing the same desk between several employees, the company can significantly reduce the number of desks and improve their occupancy rate. This gain in space can be translated into a reduction in the number of m², which automatically leads to a significant reduction in the real estate budget. Especially when you consider that the cost of a workstation is estimated at around €10,000 per year!
  • Creation of new spaces : by allowing the volume of workstations to be reduced, the flex office makes it possible to gain m². It can therefore allow the company to create new convivial spaces such as break rooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias, corpoworking & hot desking spaces, etc.

With Sharvy, we help you set up a flex office!

Via the application, your employees can reserve an office on days when they come on site, or free their assigned workstation when they are teleworking, travelling or on holiday.

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