What is corpoworking? – Definition

Corpoworking is a neologism that comes from the fusion of the words “corporate” and “working”. It refers to the creation of a collaborative workspace within a company. In other terms, it means providing so-called “shared” offices (desk sharing) between employees and people outside the company. For example, freelancers, clients, service providers, and/or start-ups.

Finally, corpoworking can be likened to a derivative of coworking where different professionals come together. The idea is to bring the strengths of coworking into a company. 

The aim? To make a company’s unoccupied workspaces profitable! It should be remembered that today, with the rise of teleworking and the increase in property prices, many companies have vacant spaces, which they pay for at a high price. A phenomenon that is becoming more pronounced as time goes by. 

This is why corpoworking initiatives are gradually emerging and attracting more and more companies.

What is the difference between corpoworking and flex office?

Corpoworking should not be confused with flex office. Remember that flex office means an employee is no longer assigned a specific workstation. Instead, the employee is free to work wherever they wish, according to their daily needs and tasks

However, what differentiates corpoworking from flex office is the opening up of the company’s collaborative spaces to outsiders. At the same time, it is also possible for the company that chooses this work organization to lend these spaces to mobile employees and/or rent them to another company looking to relocate.  

What are the benefits of corpoworking?

The benefits of corpoworking are numerous, both for companies and for employees. 

For companies, it is a new source of income. They can rent out these spaces to different professionals to make the most of the square meters of their premises that have not been used. In addition, the corpoworking business model offers companies a low commitment in terms of the duration of the contract and the surface area rented. This allows them to be more agile and anticipate the working world’s uncertainties.  

More specifically, corpoworking also allows companies to test flexible layouts, integrate start-ups into their ecosystems and break down cultural barriers! 

For employees, these spaces stimulate collective intelligence and innovation. For the latter, it is an opportunity to meet various professionals, develop an attractive network, and share a different work dynamic by breaking the routine. This is by creating synergies and enriching each other through discussions. Thus, it is an innovative way to break down the barriers between teams and to encourage collaborative work, creativity, and productivity. 

Is corpoworking suitable for all companies?

Of course, this is true regardless of the size of the company and its sector of activity. The main thing is that its implementation is the result of an internal desire to optimize its spaces and share them. 

Therefore, the main thing for a successful implementation is that your work organization is adapted to these changes. To achieve this, you can use a shared space management tool, such as Sharvy.