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Revamp your company parking policy !

Over the years, the management of company car parking spaces has (very often) been relegated to the background, so much so that it was perceived as a sufficiently abundant and economically negligible resource.

This was partly because demand did not match supply, and the costs associated with managing parking spaces seemed disproportionate to other organizational priorities.

Today, however, we are witnessing a profound reconsideration of companies’ values and car park management. It is becoming (almost) impossible for companies to offer a dedicated parking space to every employee. That’s why the time has come to innovate regarding parking policy, with the adoption of innovative solutions, which will be discovered in this white paper!


The aim of this white paper ? Enlighten and support companies wishing to rethink their approach to parking. Whether you’re a multinational looking for operational efficiency or an SME concerned about its environmental footprint, this white paper is for you, the players involved in transforming and modernizing company parking management.

This guide looks at :

  • The current practices of companies (and their issues) when it comes to managing company car parks : 3 main methods of car park management are emerging. Each of them, despite their differences, presents managers with complex challenges.
  • Reasons to re-examine your parking policy : saturation of your company car park and its under-utilisation are two distinct problems.
  • How do you go about it ? 5 golden rules to reinvent your parking policy : objectives to achieve, best practice & feedback from our customers.
  • How can Sharvy help you ? Here are a few words about our solution and its advantages for optimizing your company car park.

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