A leader in the food industry

Implementation of the flex office thanks to a desk reservation system prior to a visit to the headquarters.

A leader in the food industry digitised its new head office with Sharvy to allow its employees to book an office before coming to the site.

Some key facts about this project:

  • A headquarters hosting 2,600 employees in the Paris area,
  • Hybrid working in place with several days of teleworking per week for each employee,
  • Automatic allocation of a position in the area corresponding to their team.

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“Sharvy is an application that enables self-service organisation of shared workspaces. It aims to optimise the comfort of employees by allowing them to plan and organise their arrival.”

Stéphane SEIGNEURIN, Founder of Sharvy who accompanied the company on this project

About Sharvy

Sharvy develops and markets a digital solution for managing and optimising shared spaces in companies (parking, workstations, cafeterias, etc). The objective : to facilitate the reservation of spaces by employees, to encourage their mobility and to support new ways of work (flex office, flex desk, hybrid work, etc).

The application can be used by all types of companies and local authorities with resource optimisation issues, all around the world.

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