2 offers to choose according to your needs

LITE Offer


The ideal option to test Sharvy’s features on your own.

5 parking spaces, 5 workstations and 2 cafeteria spaces

Unlimited number of users

Reservation and release of spaces by users

Allocation of spaces by Sharvy’s fair or FIFO algorithm

Real time view of availability


Integration with third party solutions

Access control

Customer training and support

FLEX Offer

5$ per space and per month
(Minimum billing: 100$/month)

The entire solution to manage the occupancy of your spaces.

The LITE subscription, and:

Unlimited number of spaces (subject to the volume of subscribed resources)

Building and parking dynamic map

Training and technical support by chat, phone or ticket

Communication tool kit for users

Possible options:

Single Sign On

Access control

HRIS and third-party solutions integration

Mobility habit survey

Hundreds of companies, public institutions and universities use Sharvy. Why wouldn’t you?

Frequently asked questions

What is the commitment duration to the Sharvy application?

The normal commitment period for the Sharvy solution is one year, from the date of signature of your FLEX contract.

What are the possible billing methods?

Once the contract has been established, you agree to pay the annual amount stated on the contract in a single payment at the start of the contract. If your needs change, a new invoice may be issued in line with these changes.

Payments are made by bank transfer or by Stripe (depending on your preference), with payment due within 30 days of the invoice date. You can cancel your annual subscription on your anniversary date, if desired. In any case, you will receive a reminder to renew your subscription two months before this date.

How long does the Sharvy solution take to deploy?

It takes a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks from the time our support team receives all the elements needed to create the Sharvy account. However, the deployment time of the solution is variable and may be longer depending on the profile of the account to be created (technical specificities or not, installation of access control equipment, specific developments, etc).

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