UpCoop went from a parking lot with 600 spaces to 310 spaces when it moved, without affecting the QWL and well-being of its employees, thanks to Sharvy.

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Deployment time

Context of UpCoop

In spring 2023, UpCoop, the Up group’s parent company (Cadhoc, Up Déjeuner, etc.), moved to new premises focusing on the employee experience and innovation. The new site, called “Up Gardens”, is close to various public transport lines, making it easier for the 850 employees at the head office to get around.

But moving from a parking lot with 600 spots to 310 was a real challenge. All the more so as the equation had to take into account the 20 spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility and visitors, the 5 spaces for pregnant women or people with temporary disabilities, and the spaces equipped with recharging points.

In this cooperative and participative enterprise, fair treatment is essential. No spaces are allocated in advance. The chairman is no more entitled to preferential access than any other member of staff. But what used to be possible without any calculation is no longer possible when parking capacity is divided by 2.

Julien Foucher - Directeur de l'Environnement de Travail et Immobilier d'UpCoop

“After a study, we found that 430 vehicles per day parked in the parking lot at our previous premises. So parking was going to be a problem after the move. We needed a solution to optimize the management of the future parking lot, which will have only 310 spaces.”

Director of Work Environment and Property, UpCoop

Setting up of Sharvy

In early 2023, once the problem had been identified, UpCoop researched solutions on the market. A shortlist of 4 applications emerged, which had to be ranked. To do this, several meetings were held with the Human Resources, Communication, Work Environment and Property departments, as well as the Managing Director and a staff representative. The functionalities, ergonomics and price of the solutions were compared. On all points, complete satisfaction for Sharvy, which was chosen!

Julien Foucher - Directeur de l'Environnement de Travail et Immobilier d'UpCoop

“When it was time to choose a solution, we compared which was the most user-friendly and attractive. We even timed and calculated the number of clicks needed to reserve a space or create an account. Sharvy was the winning solution.”

Director of Work Environment and Property, UpCoop

In 2 months, the solution was configured according to the specifics of UpCoop’s parking lot. In addition, 2 webinars were organised to train the administrators of the Sharvy application and present the solution to the ambassadors of the new headquarters.

To facilitate and secure access to the parking lot, Sharvy has also deployed a number plate recognition camera connected to the application, allowing entry only to vehicles with a reservation. Badges are no longer required to enter the parking lot, which saves time and improves fluidity, especially at peak times.

Julien Foucher - Directeur de l'Environnement de Travail et Immobilier d'UpCoop

“Sharvy, in a few words, is: a market price, it’s not a complicated system to set up or use. What’s more, there was a real support approach to the change. The agility and availability of the team were essential to ensure the rapid adoption of the solution. Sharvy is not just a technology partner. It’s also a challenge partner!”

Director of Work Environment and Property, UpCoop

Favorite features

Use case - Booking parking space

UpCoop’s 4 favorite features are :

  • Priority and allocation rules, in particular for indicating that a woman is pregnant in order to give her priority and allocate her a suitable space.
  • Incident reporting, enabling users to notify the site administrator of any issues.
  • Access control using a camera with number plate recognition, to facilitate access to the parking lot.
  • Visitor parking lot, so that visitors can be managed like any other UpCoop employee and feel welcome!

Benefits noted

Sharvy made it possible to rethink UpCoop’s parking policy in order to satisfy all employees, while also achieving significant financial savings. For fear of a lack of spaces, 50 spaces had been rented in a nearby parking lot prior to the move. However, several months after the move, these spaces remained vacant on a daily basis. As a result, 40 leases were cancelled, which represents a reduction of 80%!

The fair algorithm puts all employees, including the chairman and managers, on an equal footing. The application favors people who have been allocated the fewest spaces, pregnant women, people with reduced mobility, and so on. And not according to hierarchical or seniority criteria! This type of allocation avoids frustration and ensures that almost all requests are met. There have been 0 complaints from employees since Sharvy was introduced! What’s more, in an internal survey, UpCoop employees showed their satisfaction with the occupier services provided (like Sharvy), with an average score of 4.4/5.

Visitors benefit from the same experience as employees, which contributes positively to UpCoop’s brand image. When an appointment is made, the Reception desk books a spot for the visitor. He or she receives an email notifying him or her that a space has been reserved and providing practical information on how to get there. On the day, thanks to the number plate recognition camera, the parking lot barrier will automatically be raised as soon as the visitor approaches it.

    Julien Foucher - Directeur de l'Environnement de Travail et Immobilier d'UpCoop

    “In terms of experience it’s great: receiving a visitor who no longer needs to badge, or to use an intercom to get in, is excellent, it gives the impression that they’re really welcome.”

    Julien FOUCHER
    Director of Work Environment and Property, UpCoop

    Do you need to optimize your company parking lot? Do you want to modernize access and management?

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