Facilitate the sharing of all your company’s resources

Allow your employees to book any type of resource for the time slot they prefer with Sharvy: cafeteria, room, equipment, vehicle, activity, etc.

Resource management by time slots - Sharvy

An application to assist businesses, public agencies, and universities in managing their resources.

Share your resources among employees

Optimize the use of your resources by sharing them among all your employees. Ensure equitable access for everyone.

Easily manage resource bookings

Allow your employees to book a bike, a room, a sport class or a locker in just a few clicks for the time slot they desire.

Analyze the use of your resources

Benefit from comprehensive statistics on the usage of each resource to make informed decisions: whether to increase capacity, reduce it, etc.

Promote well-being and QWL

Offer your teams a modern and innovative employee experience that allows them to organize their on-site day in advance of their arrival.

How does Sharvy simplify your resource management ?

Resource management by time slots- Sharvy

1. Set up your Sharvy space

   Create various resources: cafeteria, room, equipment, etc.

   Define time slots and their capacities.

  Set up management and booking rules.

   Import and profile users.

2. Allow your teams to book a resource for the time slot they want

  Request a booking for a slot via the Sharvy app.

   View real-time availability for each resource and time slot.

  Set a deadline for bookings.

  Send email and mobile app notifications to confirm bookings.

Resource management by time slots- Sharvy
Resource management by time slots- Sharvy

3. Track and analyze the use of your resources

  Dashboards on the occupancy of different resources.

  Statistics on resource usage for each day and time slot.

  Usage history of the app.

   Export data to CSV and Excel.

Do you want to optimize the use of your resources and make their booking easier?

Manage the booking of all types of resources

Gestion de ressources - Bornes de recharge

Charging station

Gestion de ressources - Cafétéria


Gestion de ressources - Casiers


Gestion de ressources - Cours de sport

Fitness class

Gestion de ressources - Douche


Gestion de ressources - Matériel informatique

Equipment & supplies

Gestion de ressources - Ménage

Cleaning services

Gestion de ressources - Salle de pause

Break room

Gestion de ressources - Salle de réunion

Meeting room

Gestion de ressources - Conciergerie

Concierge service

Gestion de ressources - Trottinettes


Gestion de ressources - Vélos


Integrations with third-party solutions to enhance the user experience

Sharvy can interface with various tools you use internally : HRIS, access control, authentication, charging points, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the Sharvy solution allow booking multiple slots at the same time?

Yes, this is Sharvy’s strength! With the app, you can configure as many resources as you want and as many booking time slots as necessary for each.

For instance, you can add a break room, a meeting room, bikes or scooters, or even sports classes. Users will just need to click on the slots they are interested in to reserve the respective resources.

What resources are typically reservable in a company?

To optimize the occupancy and utilization of resources, a company might decide to make them available for reservation. The possibilities are extensive and vary from one company to another based on their needs. Implementing a reservation for a resource is particularly valuable when the demand for that resource exceeds the supply. Indeed, reservations will enable better management and organization of resource sharing among all employees, ensuring that it’s not always the same individuals who benefit.

Commonly, reservations are made for parking spots and workstations, for which Sharvy provides two dedicated modules. Other resources that can be effectively managed via reservation include charging stations, lockers, rooms, bikes or scooters, classes or training…

How much does the Sharvy app cost?

Sharvy provides three plans (LITE Plan, FLEX Plan, and the ENTERPRISE Plan) to choose from, depending on your needs.

1. The LITE plan lets you test, for free and on your own, the various features of the Sharvy app. It enables you to have up to five parking spots, five workstations, and three resources (examples: corporate cafeteria seats, bikes, scooters, etc.).

2. The FLEX plan is customized to your needs and is available as either an annual or monthly subscription. For managing resources, the price is $2 per unit per month. For example, if you want to offer 5 bikes for reservation, the cost would be $10 per month.

3. The ENTERPRISE plan is ideal for managing all the resources of your company. This subscription differs from the first two as it is billed per user and fits accounts with multiple resources (parking spots, workstations, corporate cafeteria seats, lockers under reservation, shower slots, etc.).

Find the details of our plans on the Pricing page.

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