Camille Blet-Sarrazin joined the Sharvy team in February 2021 as a Customer Success Manager. To welcome her (once again), we introduce her to you with a few questions!

Hello Camille, can you introduce yourself?

Hello! I’ve been a Customer Success Manager at Sharvy since February 2021. On a daily basis, I handle customer service and support for users of the platform, whether they are users or administrators. Additionally, I also take on technical tasks, such as deploying camera modules or barrier opening systems, implementing access files, and resolving bugs and testing. In short, I know the solution inside out!

On a more personal note, I have a rather eclectic background: I’ve taught French abroad, worked in commerce, logistics, customer service, and quality management. Moreover, I have also worked with horses as a stable manager, but I prefer to keep this passion as a “decompression chamber” for the past 20 years.

To sum up, what is common to all my past experiences is that I have always enjoyed providing solutions to customers, whether in B2B or B2C, and I find great pleasure in the new challenge that Sharvy presents!

Why did you join Sharvy and how was your introduction?

I wanted to set new goals for myself and join a company that values human dimensions.

I have always been attracted to new technologies, but I must admit I was not familiar with the concept before I became interested in the job openings Sharvy had to offer. However, it immediately resonated with me: the aspect of resource sharing is not just about a parking space, but a new vision of individual mobility.

I was very well received upon my arrival, and the atmosphere is pleasant. I find my colleagues to be willing, friendly, and dynamic!

What struck or surprised you when you arrived at our company?

The atmosphere and multitasking are very enjoyable.

I have previously worked in larger groups where space was tight and everyone was confined to a specific role and position; here, the freedom in my tasks is invigorating. And while respecting the concept and vision of the clients, there is always room for the evolution of the concept, where everyone’s opinion matters.

What do you enjoy about your daily life at Sharvy?

The fact that I am autonomous in my work and that we are gradually building a relationship of trust.

I need a balance between my personal and professional life, and Sharvy accommodates this.

In my duties, the relationship and customer service are aspects that are very important to me, and I enjoy providing solutions to ensure the loyalty of our clients.

Also, I am training and learning a lot technically: understanding the workings of a digital Web and App solution is fascinating!

What do you think about Sharvy’s vision and services, and more broadly about its industry and challenges?

Sharvy promotes a culture of sharing, and it’s a very positive vision that strengthens bonds and develops a great culture among colleagues.

It’s an original solution, well-thought-out and expected to evolve continuously.

There is something remarkable about maintaining a perpetual exchange between team members and our clients: it drives us to constantly improve to better meet their needs, and it’s also what has led us, in the current health situation, to expand into managing offices and canteens increasingly.

What do you think we don’t say enough?

That Sharvy’s evolution is spectacular, and despite its young age, it is in constant evolution and revolution. Pretty impressive, right?

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