Lenny Roland joined Sharvy in September 2022 as an R&D development student. Find out more about him and his job in this interview!

Hello Lenny, can you introduce yourself and tell us a few words about your career?

Yes, with pleasure! So, my name is Lenny Roland, I’m 20 years old, and I’ve been passionate about computers for quite some time. Briefly, to explain my background, we have to start from my high school years, in the first year of science. As a reminder, at that time, we took the French test for the baccalauréat. This is a relatively important test that requires a great deal of commitment, on the one hand, during the written test.

On the other hand, but also throughout the year, for example, with the SPW (Supervised Practical Work). And finally, this is where it all begins! The aim is simple: you had to talk about a current topic, then present it during an oral presentation, illustrating it with a free production (slide show, storytelling, etc.). And drum roll… I made a website!

So, let’s be honest: I’m ashamed when I see it today. However, I got my first taste of the Web at that moment. I enjoyed doing it, and it helped me choose higher education. And we come to the famous Parcoursup period, where I only made choices for Montpellier. Out of love for this city… Ultimately, I found myself first in the queue for my primary choice

In a way, it’s a blessing in disguise since it allowed me to get into my current school. A school is specialized in the Web and its development. Today, I am very proud to be in my third year as a Bachelor Web Developer, alternating at Sharvy this year. Whether in the company or the classroom, I am learning a lot, which I like.

What made you want to join the Sharvy adventure?

Why Sharvy? So the big question is ultimate: should I be honest or not? If I had to set the truth straight, I wanted to join a young, dynamic team with a pleasant working environment in a growing company. This is 100% true. However, the truth is that my first idea of a work placement was not at Sharvy. Initially, I had been promised a work-study contract at another company very early (as early as March 2022)!

However, as the months passed, I realized that this one wasn’t for me, and we didn’t have a fixed office in Montpellier. That’s why I decided not to continue with them and to look elsewhere. In the end, I don’t regret it at all! On the contrary, I love the working atmosphere and the Sharvy team. I am already afraid of the moment when I will have to leave.

Can you tell us more about your job? What is your position at Sharvy?

My job at Sharvy is primarily to develop new features on the web application and solve any problems reported by the technical department or customers. In parallel with the team of developers (Maxime, Guillaume, Gauthier, and Sébastien, our CTO), I update specific integrations to obtain a better user experience (UX). 

However, as a student, I am also here to learn. Today, the technologies used (notably, the React language and Dot.Net) are new to me. So, I am happy to understand and improve my skills by being part of the Sharvy adventure!

In the future, I would like to participate in the mobile development of the project. I’m inquisitive, and I’d like to touch on a bit of everything. So we’ll see what the future holds for me!

How did your integration go?

I had no problems integrating. It all happened naturally. I’ll repeat it, the team is young and funny, and they all knew how to make me feel comfortable from my first day.

At the same time, I was lucky enough to arrive just at the beginning of a challenge in which the whole team was participating: Ma Petite Planète. In a few words, it is a team challenge proposing ecological difficulties to raise awareness among the participants (companies, schools, etc.) of the simple gestures that can preserve our planet. 

The objective? To validate a maximum of bonus challenges in favor of the earth among the 60 proposed and to avoid a maximum of malus challenges among the 20 offered. In the end, it helped me immensely, especially in discussing and exchanging with the whole team. But also to stimulate my competitive spirit and challenge each other between the groups.

Outside of work, what are your hobbies?

Outside of work, I try to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which allows me to be as productive as possible. That’s why I go to the gym four times a week; I force myself to sleep at a certain pace. And I have quite a few personal projects.

For example, in parallel with my studies and Sharvy, I have a micro-business providing website services. For this one, I work mainly by word of mouth, and I propose the creation of WordPress websites.

Besides all that, I’m developing with friends a party application in which we’ll find several mini-games to play for fun! And then, not to forget: I am the president of the BDE (Students’ Office) of my school. Therefore, I participate in the creation of events several times a year. In the past, we have already organized video game tournaments and football tournaments with our partner: Redbull. 

All this to say that, in the end, people are afraid of routine, but for me, it allows me to be as productive as possible!

Finally, a favorite quote or motto? Tell us why!

Finally, I’ll end with a phrase I once heard that stuck with me: “Until proven otherwise.” I have always limited my ability to do things, mainly because of the fear of judgment or being unable to do them.

And personally: I am capable of doing great things until proven otherwise! As time passed, I realized I shouldn’t block myself on this subject. At worst, I try; if I fail, I gain experience, or if not, I succeed, and that’s great!

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