Manon Razier joined Sharvy in September 2022 as SEO & Content Marketing Manager. Find out more about her and her job in this interview!

Hello Manon, can you introduce yourself and tell us where you come from?

Of course! My name is Manon Razier, I am 23 years old, and I joined the Sharvy team in September 2022. Originally from Nîmes and in love with our region, it was unthinkable for me to leave the beautiful sun of the South of France. This is why, once I had my baccalaureate, I chose an AES degree in Montpellier Management, a multidisciplinary degree that allowed me to consider many further studies. However, the digital and web marketing field and its opportunities have always remained in my mind. 

That’s why I quickly decided to specialize in these fields by doing various internships and then by joining a Master’s degree in Intrapreneurial & Digital Project Management in a Montpellier agency specializing in web marketing. 

Combining a love of collaboration and a keen sense of organization, I accompanied our clients step by step, first listening to their problems and then defining, implementing, and optimizing their digital strategies. In particular, from defining a brand identity to creating content, implementing an SEO strategy, and optimizing campaigns. I also carried out Community Management missions at the heart of this methodology. 

At the end of my master’s degree, I had a (relatively complex) decision as I had two choices: a permanent contract within the same agency, but 100% teleworking, as in the future, the managers wanted to have full-remote teams. The other option was to refuse this permanent contract and look for a new challenge. And indeed, if you are reading this article, it is because I chose the second option!

Why did you make this choice?

As a fresh graduate, I didn’t see myself “starting” my professional career this way. So yes, I enjoy a few days of teleworking as it allows me to harmoniously reconcile my professional and personal life.

However, to be 100% teleworking, no! Daily, I need to be with a close-knit and dynamic team, to do team building, to exchange and collaborate constantly! This is the best way to pool our skills and learn more and more from each other. I found this at Sharvy and am already very grateful for it. 

What does your job as “SEO & Content Marketing Manager” involve?

Admittedly, the web marketing jargon is only sometimes obvious! That’s why I will explain it as simply as possible. My main objective is to position Sharvy’s website in the 1st position of search engines to attract traffic and generate qualified leads. 

To achieve this, since my arrival, I have been building a step-by-step SEO strategy by creating more original and relevant content for our target. Whether it’s blog articles, case studies, white papers, glossaries, interviews with collaborators, or even infographics and eye-catching visuals, all of this content must be of high quality to respond to a problem encountered by all or part of our target prospects.  

At the same time, I carry out various audits to take stock of the actions carried out at a given moment, but also to take note of the optimizations to be carried out on the website (speed of page loading, improvement of the user experience (UX) and UI design, possible technical errors, etc.). 

So, in tandem with Manon, the Digital Marketing Manager (yes, that’s two Manon in the team, it’s the Dream Team!), I build this strategy alongside her, and we exchange information daily to adjust and improve it according to the objectives. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with her!

We’ve heard you enjoy athletics and running; can you tell us more about that?

Since I was a child, my parents have passed on their passion for athletics and running to me. From the age of 6, I was enrolled in athletics school, and my dad was my first fan! This passion, which was his, became our passion, and a very intense father-daughter bond was created around it. 

As time went by, I specialized in the double lap of the track : the 800m and the cross-country. On these distances, I started the FFA competitions, and my father always followed me to the four corners of France to encourage me and share the last kilometers at my side. His precious advice enabled me to reach the French Cross-Country Championships and live this beautiful experience at his side! 

Today, I would like to challenge myself in other competitions and share my dad’s favorite distance: the marathon (42.195km). That’s why I’m training every day outside of work to run the Seville marathon in February 2023. It’s not easy to motivate yourself every day (especially as winter approaches), but with discipline and motivation, everything is possible! I appreciate the physical effort required and the aspect of surpassing oneself. To realize that you can do much more than you thought you were capable of is quite rewarding! And then, this new challenge is, above all, an opportunity to share this experience with my dad, and that’s all the more motivating!

What is your favorite Sharvy Team moment to date?

It’s only been a month since I joined, and yet… It’s hard to pick just one! So I use a Joker card (I don’t think you should blame me for this)! However, the first thing that came to my mind was the welcome I received on arrival. I felt expected and immediately at ease. I enjoyed the breakfast organized by the team. It was a great icebreaker! Sharvy takes care of each employee’s welcome. I found it engaging and exciting for the future! Today, the transparency, friendliness, and sharing between colleagues push me to “fight” my rather sensitive nature, which contributes significantly to my fulfillment in my work. 

At the same time, I can’t help but mention the traditional “Back to Work” day. A morning of work and discussion on the 2022 objectives and the actions carried out by each department. This was followed by a team-building afternoon with an activity on the theme of Koh-Lanta. And also, a catamaran outing to round off this wonderful day. 

Finally, I would also like to highlight all the “Mario Party” sessions (between 12 noon and 2 pm, I promise) that we could win with my faithful sidekick: Gauthier! It’s an opportunity to share a few laughs (to create alliances, oops) and to fuel our competitive spirit!

What do you expect from this new professional adventure?

On the one hand, I expect the environment of trust, equality, and benevolence in which I was welcomed will continue over time! For my part, I attach particular importance to this. Because, this environment is conducive to the commitment and productivity of everyone. 

On the other hand, I want Sharvy to grow and evolve. As much as the Sharvy adventure will make me grow! Every day, I am increasingly seduced by the team synergy. And also, with the brainstorming sessions during the “Team Meetings,” which are always very constructive.

This is what drives me to be in constant improvement, both personally and professionally. So, for the future, I not only want to continue to enrich my knowledge in the field of web marketing. But I also want to learn again and discover new horizons, which are elements of daily motivation for me!

Finally, what message would you like to pass on to people who want to join Sharvy?

If I had to mention only one reason to join us, at Sharvy, everyone contributes and can easily share their ideas by expressing themselves freely and without fear of judgment. Everyone’s opinion is considered to make the best possible decisions and improve the quality of life at work. So, if you want to actively participate in the strategy of the startup. A healthy & caring environment, feel free, you will be satisfied!

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