Gauthier Chavet joined the Sharvy team as an R&D developer in February 2022. Discover him in this interview!

Hi Gauthier, can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Gauthier Chavet, I am an R&D developer at Sharvy since mid-February 2022. I am originally from Montpellier where I did my DUT in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing. Then, I entered an engineering school in electronics in Toulouse where I obtained my master’s degree in a sandwich course. During these studies, I had the opportunity to do an internship in New York for 3 months which gave me a taste for travel!

After my Master’s degree, I realised that what I liked most was programming rather than electronics, so I decided to specialise in .Net development and to have a first professional experience in a digital services company in Montpellier.

Then at the end of 2019, the desire to travel was still very present so I made the choice to go to Canada to discover another culture and another vision of work. I was a developer in a digital services company working for the transport company of Montreal. After two great years, I finally came back to France to be closer to my family and friends.


Why did you join Sharvy and how did the meeting go?

Once back in France, I started looking for work in January.

That’s when I discovered Sharvy on Welcome to the Jungle. I applied for a Developer job and quickly had an interview with Stéphane, the founder, and Maxime, Guillaume, Lenny and Sébastien. It went very well, the atmosphere was relaxed. Stéphane introduced me to the company, the technologies used and future projects. We talked about my experiences and my desires. The proposed missions resembled what I was doing, and the technological choices were very interesting. And for me, who has always worked in digital services companies or large companies, trying the start-up experience appealed to me! I wanted to join a start-up, as they say, with enormous potential and still a lot to create, and therefore to be able to grow together (especially as it was created in Montpellier, my home town!).


What did you particularly like about your arrival with us?

I particularly appreciated the atmosphere. Even before my contract started, I was invited to the premises one day for lunch to meet the teams. Everyone had come for the occasion and I was able to see the great atmosphere that prevails. And I find this atmosphere every day : a real team cohesion, a lot of laughter, teasing… Everyone gets along well and it’s very pleasant.

There is also a great closeness with all the teams, everyone mixes, we don’t just stay between peers.


Can you explain your daily life at Sharvy, what are your missions and challenges?

My job is to maintain the application, but also to make improvements or developments that the Customer Support and Business teams give us. I don’t really have a typical day, each day I can work on a different task. Priorities are set at each sprint for bugs to be fixed or certain developments. However, we are very flexible in the choice of tasks we want to do according to our preferences and our knowledge. We are also free in the way we want to proceed, nothing is imposed on us.

Every week we have a technical meeting to discuss our progress and any blockages. This is also an opportunity to make a first presentation of what has been developed to Stéphane and the support team… Everyone can participate and give their ideas, we feel that our opinion counts.

And every fortnight, the whole team gets together to present the achievements of the past few days: launching projects, signing new clients, marketing, development…

Today, my main challenge is to learn the React technology to work on the frontend of Sharvy. It’s a technology I didn’t use much in my previous experiences, I was doing Vue.js before which is partly similar and therefore will help me in mastering this new language.


How would you describe Sharvy’s corporate culture, the general atmosphere?

Every day at work there is a feeling of freedom and trust. All opinions are listened to, which motivates us all to become fully involved in the project and in the company.

The atmosphere is very good. Events and afterworks are regularly organised to get together and share moments outside the professional framework. This allows us to get to know each other better and I think that this contributes greatly to the team cohesion we have. Whether we’ve been here for a month or a year, we’re all equally well integrated!


What would you like to add?

I am very happy to have joined the team. Being part of Sharvy in its “early days” gives you the opportunity to participate in the evolution of the product and the growth of the company. It is very motivating!

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