Margaux Destours joined Sharvy last September: learn more about our new Business Developer!

Hi Margaux Destours, can you introduce yourself?

Hello ! My name is Margaux Destours, and I am a Business Developer at Sharvy, since the beginning of September 2021. I initially did my 5 years of studies in the field of communication and marketing. After several internships, 6 months in England, 2 years as a Communication and Marketing Assistant and a confined end of study, I decided to change my horizon slightly. The world of commerce has always attracted me, so I decided to finally get a foot in it with my previous experience for a company specialising in online training, where, as a consultant, I was mainly involved in phoning.

I am originally from Montpellier and I love our region and I have lived there for a large part of my life… I admit that I find it a bit difficult to leave the beautiful southern sun!


Why did you join Sharvy and how was the meeting?

Having had previous experience in larger organisations, I was keen to join a smaller team. When I saw the Sharvy page on Welcome To The Jungle and the job offer, I immediately had a very good impression and wanted to try my luck! The family spirit and the dynamism that came out of the photos and videos made me decide to apply.

I was also able to meet some of the team before my arrival during a lunch. This was a very good idea and made me feel much more comfortable on the day I arrived a few days later.


Have you been surprised of something when you arrived?

When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the cohesion and sharing between all the team members. This immediately gave me confidence in my tasks and I knew straight away that I had made the right choice!


Can you explain your daily life at Sharvy, what are your missions and challenges?

On a daily basis my main mission is to identify and prospect new business opportunities in France for Sharvy solution. I have to challenge the needs of each client to be sure that I can best meet their requirements. The main objective I set myself today is to make it as easy as possible for their employees to return to the office.

A typical day at Sharvy starts with a meeting with the sales team (with Benoit, Imane and Valentine). I then follow my day with prospecting on Linkedin, sending emails to prospects and demonstrations. The prospecting part is my main challenge, this mission is a first for me!


How could you describe the company culture of Sharvy, the general atmosphere?

Each personality is different and the team is very versatile. I think this is the strength of Sharvy. You never stop learning and growing!

In my second week, we had a seminar day which started with a morning of work and an afternoon of team building… and ended with a karaoke in the evening (we apologise again for the wrong notes!). The atmosphere at Sharvy is great, you are quickly integrated and you feel very surrounded.


Do you want to say something else?

I think I have the chance to participate in the development and evolution of Sharvy. Also, I even witnessed the start-up’s name change, a real first for me!

However, I have often been one of those who would drive 15 minutes outside the office to find a parking space. I am therefore happy to be able to offer a solution and to help companies get their employees back to the office.

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