Quizz : Is your company car park well optimised ?

Do you often receive complaints from employees about your company car park? Is it most of the time half full? Is the access restricted to some employees? Who is in charge of its management?

You have to ask you many questions to know if your company car park is optimised or not. And the goal is important : time saving for the administrator, savings for the company and well-being of employees!


To help you highlight your strengths and areas for improvement and finally achieve optimal car park management, we have prepared a quick 9-question quiz for you.

Go to the quiz!

Here are some ideas to start to optimise your company car park:

  • Secure the access to the car park, with a dedicated access control system (Camera with plate recognition, mobile app…)
  • Create adapted spaces to every means of transport (bicycle, motorcycle, electric car, hybrid car, small or large vehicle…)
  • Allow the access to all your employees: you will increase its occupancy, and most of all, the satisfaction of your teams!
  • Take a dedicated tool to manage the spaces booking, to have relevant statistics on the occupancy of the car park: you could take the right strategic decisions about the number of spaces inside.
  • Listen to your employees, their complaints and the recurring problems in the management of the company car park, to gradually achieve an intelligent car park!

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Sharvy develops and markets a digital solution for managing and optimising shared spaces in companies (parking, workstations, cafeterias, etc). The objective: to facilitate the reservation of spaces by employees, to encourage their mobility and to support new ways of work (flex office, flex desk, hybrid work, etc).

The application can be used by all types of companies and local authorities with resource optimisation issues, all around the world.

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