Onet improves the organisation of its parking and optimizes the management of its 365 spaces thanks to the Sharvy application.

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Onet Context

Established in Marseille since 1860, Onet is a family-owned international group that employs more than 80 000 people worldwide and generates a turnover of 2.3 billion euros. Its headquarters has a parking lot with 365 spaces, of which 330 were individually assigned before 2018. This created a shortage for the 500 employees on site, as well as for the 250 other employees who regularly came from other sites. Furthermore, Onet implemented a policy of two days of teleworking per week, resulting in a peak in attendance on Tuesdays and Thursdays, further complicating the management of the parking lot.

Due to teleworking, travel and holidays, up to 40% of the individually assigned spaces remained empty each day due to the absence of their holders. However, the outdated management prevented employees without an assigned space from easily accessing the parking lot, forcing them to seek alternatives outside the premises. As is often the case in large cities, Onet is located in an area with high parking demand. These challenges, combined with changes in the world of work, led Onet to seek a more flexible and efficient solution.

Julien Foucher - Directeur de l'Environnement de Travail et Immobilier d'UpCoop

“We started with assigned spaces, but this system was limited because absences made it difficult to free up spaces. With the help of HR, we ended the assignment. Since implementing Sharvy, assignment refusals have been reduced by 100 times, which is incredible.”

Didier BAUD
Head of General Services, Onet

Setting up of Sharvy

In 2018, after some internet research and creating a test account, Onet chose Sharvy to rethink the organization of its parking lot. Within a few months, the Sharvy team configured the solution according to the specifics of the parking lot. The implementation involved several departments at Onet, including the Automotive Fleet, Road Safety, IT, and General Services departments of the site. The Human Resources department and the Works Council (CSE) organized an email campaign to inform employees about the implementation and benefits of Sharvy, thus facilitating its adoption.

Onet transformed its parking policy and ended the complete assignment of its parking lot. Today, only a few members of management have assigned spaces, and all employees are on an equal footing. In the application, employees with assigned spaces can free up their space when they are absent (teleworking, holidays, illness) so that their colleagues can benefit from them. And to avoid frustrations and ensure that it is not always the same people who access the parking lot, the application takes past reservations into account to allow each employee to benefit from it. As part of promoting sustainable mobility, carpoolers are also identified to receive priority for available spaces.

Sharvy now manages 302 standard spaces and 21 equipped with Green’Up sockets for rechargeable hybrid vehicles. Onet’s parking lot is divided into two parts: an underground section and an outdoor section. Thanks to its algorithm, Sharvy prioritizes the allocation of underground parking spaces for greater comfort, before directing vehicles to the outdoor spaces.

Julien Foucher - Directeur de l'Environnement de Travail et Immobilier d'UpCoop

“Today, thanks to Sharvy, we have great satisfaction from social bodies and the Works Council. Everyone gives us positive feedback, which is reflected in our utilization rate and our rejection rate, now at 0.07%, much lower than before.”

Didier BAUD
Head of General Services, Onet

Onet Favourite Features


The three most used features daily by Onet are:

  • Reservation and release of spaces allowing employees to book and release their spaces, facilitating flexible and shared use of parking spaces (flex parking).
  • Fair allocation of spaces thanks to the Sharvy algorithm, which favors users who have obtained the fewest spaces, ensuring a fair and balanced distribution.
  • Parking zoning to prioritize the allocation of underground spaces, offering more comfort to employees by prioritizing underground spaces before directing to outdoor areas.

Benefits noted of Onet

The rapid adoption of the application by employees has significantly improved the management of parking spaces at Onet’s headquarters. Before coming to the site, employees now reserve their spaces via Sharvy with confidence and without stress. Sharvy facilitates the management of peak times by freeing up unused spaces, thus optimizing the occupancy rate of the parking lot.

Julien Foucher - Directeur de l'Environnement de Travail et Immobilier d'UpCoop

“The Sharvy application has allowed us to manage the peak times on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We were able to stop renting spaces in an external parking lot, thus fully capitalizing on the application.”

Didier BAUD
Head of General Services, Onet

The results were quickly felt, with a better balance between parking supply and demand, ensuring a fairer experience for employees. This new space management has strengthened the sense of fairness and contributes to Onet’s CSR approach and the improvement of quality of work life.

Moreover, following the success regarding parking management, Sharvy continues to expand its functionalities at Onet. Indeed, soon the application will allow managing the sharing of charging points for electric vehicles and ensuring a transparent follow-up of the benefits related to the charging of personal or professional electric vehicles.

    Julien Foucher - Directeur de l'Environnement de Travail et Immobilier d'UpCoop

    “That’s the advantage of Sharvy’s feature extensions: having a single application to manage the different bookings and resources of the company. No need to clutter up with 15 different applications for each use!”

    Didier BAUD
    Head of General Services, Onet

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