80 parking spaces shared between 300 employees

Since July 2022, the Luxembourg subsidiary CTG has been using the Sharvy solution to share 80 parking spaces, spread over 2 different sites, among 300 employees. The objective? Optimize parking management and improve the quality of life at work.

Some key facts about this project :

  • 300 agents use the application, including many border workers
  • A ratio of one parking space for 3 employees
  • The number of vehicles with access to the parking has doubled.

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    The Sharvy solution has been unanimously approved! Since its deployment, there has been an immediate and visible change : now, there are enough spaces for everyone at our leading site. At the secondary site, the parking is complete in the morning and afternoon and no longer has empty spaces. Reservation requests are almost always met, and Sharvy has completely replaced the old system based on a fixed allocation of named spaces.”

    Mickael CHESSA, Facility Manager.

    About Sharvy

    Sharvy develops and markets a digital solution for managing and optimizing shared spaces in companies (parking, workstations, cafeterias, etc).

    The objective? Facilitate the reservation of spaces by employees, to encourage their mobility and to support new ways of work (flex office, hybrid work, desk sharing, etc).

    The application can be used by all types of companies and local authorities with resource optimization issues, all around the world.

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