CTG Luxembourg is introducing dynamic parking management at its 2 sites and turning company parking lots into an HR asset thanks to Sharvy.

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Context of CTG Luxembourg

Every day, 200,000 cross-border workers travel to their jobs in Luxembourg, and many of them make the journey by car. In its forecasts, the Grand Duchy predicts a 40% increase in travel by 2035.

With this in mind, parking lots are seen as a means of regulating traffic and are one of the fundamental levers for controlling mobility. This is one of the main concerns of companies like CTG in Luxembourg.

At the beginning of 2022, CTG Luxembourg is implementing a specific action program to address the issue of employee car parking. Against a backdrop of limited available space, the company decided to allocate certain parking spaces, as the number of spaces on CTG’s 2 sites was notoriously inadequate : 62 on one site and 18 on the other, for 300 employees.

However, the traditional policy of allocating parking spaces by name had one drawback : it was out of the question for a colleague to park on a space even if it was vacant when he or she arrived. This statutory preference was a little anachronistic in the light of current practices, and ended up costing CTG dearly, as it reimbursed the parking costs of all its employees who drove.

Frederic Veynachter - CTG Luxembourg

“For employees who drive, it’s uncomfortable to have to park in outside parking lots, even if the expenses are covered. After the morning traffic jams, it’s a waste of time that we’d like to avoid!”

Director of Human Resources, CTG Luxembourg

Setting up of Sharvy

Post-COVID, CTG has extended the possibility of teleworking to 2 days a week for all its staff. Working patterns are becoming more individualized, managed at team level, and staff are no longer all on site at the same time. Attendance schedules are more flexible and less predictable. This provided a favourable context for introducing dynamic parking management.

The project began in early 2022, and the Sharvy application was deployed in July. With its optimization algorithms, the Sharvy application takes advantage of variations in occupancy and fills the parking lot fairly, according to the reservation requests it receives. What’s more, the Sharvy application can easily adapt to the specific features of each site, with access control at the exit in one parking lot and at the entrance and exit in the other.

Mickael Chessa - CTG Luxembourg

“Sharvy has completely replaced the old system based on the fixed allocation of named spaces. So yes, we still have the same challenge to solve: 1 parking space for 3 cars. However, the application makes it possible to apply a policy of fairness. That’s why Sharvy is so popular!”

Mickael CHESSA
Facility Manager, CTG Luxembourg

Favourite features

Use case - Multisite parking management

The 4 features most used by CTG Luxembourg on a daily basis are:

  • Reservation and release of spaces by employees, enabling the sharing of spaces between everyone (the flex parking).
  • The fair algorithm, which automatically allocates spaces and favours users with the fewest spaces.
  • A dynamic map of the parking lot, so that employees can easily see which space is allocated to them.
  • Multi-site management, to facilitate team mobility between the 2 sites.

Benefits noted

For the company, the introduction of Sharvy has generated significant financial benefits : By sharing its parking spaces and opening up access to all its employees, CTG Luxembourg has seen a reduction in its parking expense reports.

For CTG employees, having a pre-booked parking space on request is, as in many urban centres where the Sharvy application is used, one less “mental burden” for them.

Mickael Chessa - CTG Luxembourg

“With Sharvy, there has been an immediate and visible change: in concrete terms, there are enough spaces for everyone on our main site. At our secondary site, the parking lot is now full in the mornings and afternoons and there are no longer any vacant spaces. What’s more, booking requests are almost always met.”

Mickael CHESSA
Facility Manager, CTG Luxembourg

Sharvy allows the company to organize access to the parking lot in a fluid and fair way. Which is obviously a good thing when it comes to well-being in the workplace and taking account of employees’ needs!

Frederic Veynachter - CTG Luxembourg

“Of course, I can’t promise a space in the company parking lot every day. But CTG can promise a fair system, and that is a real key argument for the Human Resources Department!”

Director of Human Resources, CTG Luxembourg

Do you need to optimize your company parking lot? Do you want to modernize its access and management?

Follow the lead of CTG Luxembourg and opt for Sharvy!