Is your multi-site parking management a real headache?


Harmonize practices & simplify this management with Sharvy. Companies are now elevating hybrid working to the norm, which raises the thorny issue of employee mobility as they move from one site to another and reveals organizational challenges that Sharvy helps you overcome!

An intuitive web & mobile application to facilitate the management of your company’s multi-site parking


Some employees feel that it is the company’s role to consider their mobility issues between different company sites.


Only employees can use the company parking lot. Today, most parking needs more space.


Employees wish to have access to the company parking lot. This can be done on an occasional and/or daily basis.

Simplify your employees’ mobility


icone-cas-dusage-reservation  Make it easy to book a parking space

Share parking spaces between employees and allow everyone to reserve the holders’ spaces while away in any of the company’s parking lot.

icone-cas-dusage  Opt for a dynamic & fair management

Thanks to Sharvy, imagine rules of good use, systems of prioritization or mutualization of places between users & rules of equity to improve the management of your multi-site parking lot.

Improve the daily lives of your employees

icone-cas-dusage-controle-dacces  Unify the management of parking access

By opting for a centralized SaaS solution like Sharvy, harmonize practices & facilitate the flow of people in & out by choosing a single access control system.

icone-cas-dusage-bien-etre  Promote well-being and QWL

Deploy a fair & harmonized parking policy across all sites. Promote parking rotation & multimodality so that more employees can benefit from the company parking lot.

Sharvy - Access control to the car park

Collect & analyze occupancy data

Sharvy - Statistics

icone-cas-dusage-analyse  Track your parking occupancy

Thanks to Sharvy, observe the occupation of your parking lot and the habits & trends of your employees. Then, be alert to changing needs & make the right management decisions.

icone-cas-dusage-mobilite-durable  Support your sustainability goals

Collect & analyze your parking usage data, and perform as part of your mobility plan (PDM) or a strategy to reduce your carbon footprint via your company parking lot.

Does your company want to unify & harmonize the management of its multi-site parking?

Turnkey features with Sharvy!


No visibility of parking space available on the company’s different sites.

No possibility of reserving a space before coming to the site.

Unfair and unoptimized management of the company’s parking lot.

Unfacilitated arrival on site, which reduces the employee experience.

No access control and/or unique identification system for each site, lack of fluidity.

No real & objective data on using your company’s parking lot.


Provide your teams visibility on the availability or unavailability of parking spaces on your sites.
Allow them to reserve or release an assigned parking space.
Let our algorithm distribute available spaces fairly.
Help your employees find their parking space with the dynamic map.
Unify access control & allow entry to the parking only to people with a reservation.
Analyze your parking occupancy, activity history & Sharvy app usage.

Integrations with third-party solutions

to enhance the user experience

Sharvy can interface with a multitude of other applications you use internally.

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Ecosystème et intégrations Sharvy

Discover all the features of Sharvy to simplify the management of your company’s multi-site parking lot & improve your parking policy.

Our customers talk about it best!


“For the team in charge of the parking lot, it is a breath of fresh air! The Sharvy solution distributes the spaces
automatically, giving them more time to concentrate on other tasks. In addition, the user-friendliness and speed of the application point to be emphasized.”

Tim PETERSON, Security Department

“What I liked about the concept was that we gave people autonomy and introduced technology into the parking lot. And then the user benefits are obvious, especially for our students and their organization!”

Julien Urruty, Director of the Resources Department, in charge of the project

Frequently asked questions

What type of access control should be used to facilitate the management of multi-site parking?

An important first point is having a gate, a security barrier, and/or a retractable access control terminal. In addition to this installation, it is wise to favor two types of access control, namely.

A camera with number plate recognition at the entrance automatically activates the barrier’s opening only to vehicles previously registered and authorized to enter the parking lot on the day.

An IoT module linked to a dedicated application : connected to the automatic barrier and/or gate, the user’s smartphone becomes a real remote control that opens the gate or security barrier on demand.

These two solutions facilitate and regulate the flow of people authorized to enter. In addition, the arrival of occasional employees and/or visitors does not complicate access management.

Why provide visibility on parking availability and/or unavailability at different sites?

The major frustration of motorists regarding parking is the need for more visibility on the availability of parking spaces.

To alleviate these frustrations, the Sharvy solution offers you dynamic and real-time monitoring of your multi-site car parks. Thus, your employees get (via the web and/or mobile application) visibility on the availability or unavailability of parking spaces in your parking lot. As a result, they will better anticipate their daily needs and modes of transport.

For example, suppose a parking space is unavailable, rather than driving in circles to find a parking space near the workplace. In that case, employees will prefer public transport, bicycles, or even NEVs (New Individual Electric Vehicles), such as electric scooters, hoverboards, etc.

As a result, they save time, favor soft mobility, and limit the air pollution caused by the search for parking.

How long does it take to implement a single digital solution in a company's multi-site parking?

The deployment time of the solution varies according to the profile of the spaces to be created (technical specificities or not, installation of access control equipment, specific developments, etc.).

Generally speaking, a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks is required. For the person in charge of the project, this is often the average time needed to collect and list all the elements specific to the company and the different sites. For example, the number of named spaces, the total number of areas, the specific features of the parking spaces, the current access control system, the desired developments, etc.

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