Nicolas Derambure joined Sharvy in March 2024 as R&D Developer. Find out more about him and his job in this interview!

Hello Nicolas, could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background before joining Sharvy?

Hello everyone! My name is Nicolas, I am 27 years old and I have been in the world of development for seven years already. My passion for technology led me to EPSI Montpellier, a school that provided me with a solid education and an excellent platform to launch my career. EPSI is where I truly dived into the vast universe of computing, learning to juggle code and solve complex problems that arise in this field.

After my studies, I was fortunate to start my professional career at Septeo, a company specialized in software solutions, mainly for legal professionals like notaries. At Septeo, I was in the Notaries division, which allowed me to develop specific skills in creating software suited to this sector.

This journey not only enabled me to specialize in a niche area of tech but also to understand the importance of adaptation and precision in software development. Every day was an opportunity to learn and improve, and it is with this experience that I finally joined the team at Sharvy, ready to take on new challenges!

What attracted you to the developer position at Sharvy, and how was your first encounter with the team?

For a few years, I had been actively following Sharvy on LinkedIn thanks to Sebastien, the Chief Technology Officer, and I was eager to join this adventure. What subsequently attracted me to Sharvy was the way their platform makes users’ lives easier. It’s important to me that my work has a clear and positive purpose. Every feature we develop has a direct impact on people’s daily lives, and it’s very motivating to contribute to that.

The atmosphere at Sharvy is very warm and the team is welcoming. Working in an environment where everyone is open and collaborative makes the daily work enjoyable. As for my first meeting with the team, it happened just before my first day, during a Crêpe evening (actually, Crêpes and Galettes, Stéphane our CEO insisted on making the distinction!). This evening allowed me to get to know the people and the atmosphere in a pleasant setting, reinforcing my enthusiasm about being part of this team.

Can you describe a typical day for you at Sharvy?

A typical day for me at Sharvy is quite dynamic and varied. It usually starts with the launch of a new feature request. This process often involves first understanding the specific needs, planning how to integrate this feature into our existing application, and then starting to code.

Throughout the day, interaction with Gauthier, a developer, and Sébastien is essential. At Sharvy, we have a very collaborative environment, which facilitates the real-time exchange of ideas and solutions. If I have questions or encounter technical obstacles, I can always count on my colleagues to discuss and find answers efficiently.

If everything goes well and I complete the feature within the day, I often prepare a brief presentation to showcase what I’ve accomplished. This presentation can be done via Microsoft Teams or in person, depending on the availability and preferences of the team. It’s an important moment to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

During the lunch break, we regularly play card games, notably “Skyjo” or “6 Takes”. It’s a great way to unwind and have fun together, although I must admit that I try not to let my game average rise too much!

What aspects of your work as a developer do you prefer and why?

In my role as a developer, the aspect I enjoy the most is the constant variety of challenges. Every day, I have the opportunity to work on a new problem, as each client request presents a unique case with its own specifics. This requires me to think differently for each project, finding creative and effective solutions.

What I appreciate is that there is never any stagnation. There’s no boring routine, as I am always pushed to learn and apply new methods or technologies to best meet the needs of the clients.

Additionally, seeing the direct impact of my work on the final product and the satisfaction of the clients is very motivating. It confirms that the efforts made to solve each specific problem are worthwhile. It’s this process of discovery and applying new solutions that makes my work at Sharvy both captivating and enriching.

How would you describe the work culture at Sharvy?

The work culture at Sharvy is very collaborative and open. We communicate extensively, not only within our team of developers but also with all other departments of the company. This cross-functional approach is essential as it allows us to understand challenges from different angles, not just through the prism of software development.

Having an insight into the various aspects of the business, we can anticipate certain situations before they become problems, which enhances our ability to manage challenges.

Thanks to this culture of information sharing and collaboration, we are better equipped to devise innovative solutions that more precisely meet the needs of the clients. This creates a work environment where everyone can fully contribute to the success of

Do you have a passion or hobby outside of development that helps you stay creative in your work?

Outside of work, I practice bouldering, and although I’m not sure it directly influences my creativity in development, I find there are many similarities between the two activities. Like in development, each new climbing wall represents a new problem to solve. It’s about finding the best path to reach the top, using the techniques and best practices I’ve learned over time.

Bouldering also forces me to stay physically and mentally active, which is beneficial for maintaining good overall health and a sharp mind.

Thanks to this culture of information sharing and collaboration, we are better equipped to devise innovative solutions that more precisely meet the needs of the clients. This creates a work environment where everyone can fully contribute to the success of the projects.

What advice would you give to a developer considering joining the team?

If I had to give advice to a developer considering joining our team at Sharvy, I would first say, somewhat lightheartedly, to learn how to count cards for our board games during breaks! But more seriously, the most important thing is to remain curious. It’s vital to be open to learning and to gather information beyond our usual work scope.

My final word would be not to hesitate to step out of your comfort zone to gain a broader view of what we do here!

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