Fanny Dauphin joined the Sharvy adventure in early January 2022 as Customer Success Agent. Find out more about her and her job in this short interview.

Hi Fanny, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Fanny Dauphin and I’ve been a Customer Success Agent at Sharvy for a month.

I have a rather technical profile, I did a BTS in IT and networks when I left high school. Then I wanted to change direction and discover something else. So I did a degree in English during which I was lucky enough to go to Cardiff for 8 months as part of an Erasmus programme (a great experience!). When I returned to France, I went back to IT and worked for a few years in Customer and Technical Support positions.

During a previous experience in another start-up in Montpellier, I was doing a lot of technical and functional support directly in the field, so I was in contact with the customer a lot, and I really enjoyed it. When I decided to change jobs, I wanted to find a position in this start-up world that I particularly like and in contact with customers.

On the personal side, I’m a sports fan in general! I always need to move, to exercise. In fact, I cycle to the office every day, it’s my little daily pleasure. And paradoxically, I also love to sit down and read a good book.


Why did you join Sharvy and how did the meeting go?

I was really looking to stay in a startup. I find that it is in this type of company that you find the best team cohesion, with many exchanges… In my opinion, it also allows you to gain a lot of skills because you have the opportunity to work on many different subjects.

During my research, I came across Sharvy’s ad on Welcome To The Jungle. The job was just what I was looking for. And after some research, the way Sharvy was presented made me want to apply. The articles and the website had a healthy environment and a good vibe about them.

I had a first interview with Camille, the Customer Success Manager, which went very well. The feeling was immediately good. I then saw Stéphane, the founder of Sharvy, with whom we discussed the solution a lot, how it was developed… And when I received the positive answer, they directly proposed me to come and have lunch with the whole team one day, an opportunity to meet everyone in a relaxed atmosphere. There was a good dynamic and we had a good laugh, which immediately confirmed my choice!


What surprised you when you joined us?

I was positively surprised by the numerous exchanges between all the teams. Every two weeks, we have a “Team meeting” so that everyone can share what they have done or are going to do. This allows us to be well informed about all the subjects, to have a global view of the company and above all to see that everyone’s missions are linked at some point.

These are very constructive exchanges because it also allows us to have an external opinion and to challenge our ideas and convictions.


Can you explain your daily life at Sharvy, what are your missions and challenges?

My main objective is to make the customer satisfied. This may sound like a lame phrase, but it’s the reality: if I see that my client is not satisfied, then I won’t be satisfied with my work!

I don’t really have a typical day, but it often starts with a little debriefing with Camille. We talk about the clients to contact today, the configurations to be made and the day’s launches in order to divide up the tasks.

Then, I alternate between different missions:

  • Preparing documentation for users,
  • Helping customers with settings or using Sharvy,
  • Dealing with some technical issues,
  • Discussing with the development team,
  • Testing new features, …

Today, having just arrived, my challenge is to get to grips with the tool, to know all its little specificities in order to best advise clients in the configuration and use of Sharvy. Even if I admit, the tool is very intuitive, so it is not a big difficulty!


How would you describe Sharvy’s company culture, the general atmosphere?

The well-being of the employees is very important in the company. You feel good here and everyone contributes to this good atmosphere.

We often work as a team, and always with respect and a lot of exchange. It’s important to have a team you can count on when you need them. We trust each other and we are more productive, we don’t waste time having to justify every action we take. Things just get done.


What else would you like to say?

I feel very comfortable at Sharvy. What I like about joining the adventure, which is still in its infancy, is the opportunity to see the product evolve over the months and to participate in its development. I’m putting my little stone in the building!