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The brightest companies know this : workspaces are veritable sanctuaries where creativity takes flight and productivity soars to new heights. Strangely enough, many companies (still) need to unleash the full potential of their workspaces. But yet, to remain competitive and attract the best talent, companies need to break from the boundaries of their traditional real estate. Against this backdrop, could a switch to the flex office be the solution?

So, we were curious to learn about the practices and experiences of companies that have taken the flex office step : what objectives are they pursuing? What difficulties are they facing? What benefits do they derive from it? Do they think this type of organization is suitable for all companies? And above all : what prospects do they see for the working world of tomorrow? Find out more in this infography!


The flex office is a trend attracting growing interest while raising some questions. We want to take stock of the challenges and benefits of implementing it, gather feedback from companies that have already done so, and take stock of the situation… That’s the aim of our infography.

While there are good practices on which to build, there can be no standardized solution to deploying the flex office. That’s why it’s up to each company to question the relevance of this solution and adapt it to suit all the organization’s particularities, whether geographical, organizational, or/or cultural. Download our infography and discover what the flex office can bring to tomorrow’s professional landscape.

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