Company cafeteria management solution


Improve the flow of people in your company cafeteria!

The current health crisis forces companies to rethink and optimize their spaces in order to respect the physical distance between their employees. This includes the management of the company canteen.

Sharvy allows managing the flow of people in the company canteen by allowing the reservation of a place at a desired slot in advance, via a web and mobile application.

Company cafeteria management
Company cafeteria management - Sharvy

How does it work?


Creation and settings

The administrator creates the cafeteria, the time frames open to reservation as well as the number of places available for everyone, and integrates the employees on Sharvy.


Reserving a time slot

All the employees who eat at the cafeteria can reserve a space at the time slot they would like directly in Sharvy.



The employee immediately receives the reservation confirmation. If the requested time slot is fully booked, they can make a new request.

Features to organize the flow in your company cafeteria

User management

Easily import your employees.

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  • Simplified integration of company employees via CSV import
  • Option: login with Single Sign On (SSO)

Time slot reservation

Allow your employees to book a space at the cafeteria.

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  • Booking a slot, up to 4 weeks before the day, from those still available, via the web or mobile app
  • Real-time view of the number of remaining spaces for each slot
  • Definition of a cut-off time for reservations on D-day by the administrator
  • Confirmation by email and via the app of the reservation
  • Definition of a maximum capacity to respect the filling gauge and the sanitary rules
  • Emailing of the attendance sheet to the restaurant manager (anticipation of attendance, preparation for the arrival of employees)

Cafeteria configuration

Enter the different time slots and number of available spaces.

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  • Definition of slots and their capacity
  • Limiting the number of open slots to respect the filling rate
  • Setting up the sending of the attendance sheet by email to the cafeteria manager


Analyze the occupancy of your cafeteria.

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  • Complete history of user activity: number of connections, number of new users, etc.
  • Cafeteria attendance history: prevention in case of health issue (COVID-19 contact case for example)
  • Cafeteria occupancy statistics for each day and each slot: estimated filling rate, anticipation of the next days’ attendance
  • CSV and Excel export

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