Companies have always had to continually adapt to changes in society. In terms of mobility, their challenge today is to take into account new modes of soft mobility (electric vehicles, carpooling, bicycles, scooters, etc.) and environmental issues. For some years now, and the trend has intensified in recent months, parking is no longer reserved only for cars, and company car parks must therefore follow these changes. 

Redesigning your company car park for soft mobility !

The first task for a company wishing to promote soft mobility is to redesign its car park accordingly. Indeed, it must install charging stations for electric vehicles, spaces dedicated to carpooling, spaces adapted for two-wheelers, etc. The layout of the car park must be completely rethought to make room for these so-called “soft” means of transport.

The car park must also be secured to encourage certain modes of transport : barriers at the entrance with restricted access, video surveillance, a guard, etc. For example, people will be more inclined to come by bicycle if they know that it will be in a secure place and that it is not at risk of being damaged or stolen, as can be the case in the street. The same applies to carpooling. Waiting for your passengers or driver will be much more reassuring, which will encourage this practice.

The car park is becoming more intelligent, optimised to rethink parking and meet new needs. They are no longer just rows of spaces, but well thought-out and equipped spaces. The smart car park is also connected to make its use more fluid and to share it among more employees. This is one of Sharvy missions: to offer an application allowing each employee to reserve and/or free a parking space according to their profile and the type of vehicle they use.

A better brand image with a company car park at the service of soft mobility


Designing a car park to make it more easily accessible and usable for alternative modes of transport contributes to their expansion and adoption by the greatest number. A company that favours these alternative modes of transport will see its brand image improved. Indeed, a company that promotes actions in favour of the environment, ecology and its employees immediately improves its brand image.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is today a major axis of communication for the employer brand and increasingly affects young graduates and employees who are sensitive to these issues.


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