Marine Chaumeilles joined the Sharvy adventure in May 2024, as an International Business Developer. Find out more about her and her profession in this interview!

Hello Marine, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background before and after joining Sharvy internally?

Hello! My name is Marine, and my passion for languages and cultures has shaped my professional path. With a degree in Languages, Literature, and Foreign Civilization, specializing in Spanish, I deepened my linguistic and cultural skills during my third year in Erasmus in Valencia. This experience was enriching and greatly influenced my international perspective.

After returning, I pursued a Master’s degree in Education at Paul Valery University in Montpellier with the goal of becoming a Spanish teacher, which led me to teach for two years in middle schools and high schools. However, I quickly realized that teaching was not for me and did not meet my professional aspirations. Looking to diversify my experience, I then joined the private sector as a customer service representative for Private Sport Shop, where I specifically handled Spanish-speaking clients. This stage was important for refining my customer management and communication skills.

My interest in business and direct interactions with clients then led me to the real estate sector. As an independent sales agent, I developed a practical understanding of sales strategies and the real estate market.

Meanwhile, I began collaborating with Sharvy externally, specifically helping with Spanish clients. This external collaboration revealed a strong demand in the Spanish market, which culminated in my internal integration at Sharvy on May 2, 2024. As an International Business Developer, I am now fully committed to developing Sharvy’s presence in international markets, capitalizing on my linguistic skills and my experience in client management and commerce.

This transition from education to real estate, and then to international development at Sharvy, illustrates how intercultural and linguistic skills can open doors in various fields and how valuable they are in the current global context.

After working externally, what motivated you to join Sharvy as an internal team member?

Joining Sharvy as an internal team member was a natural decision for me, as several key factors deeply motivated me. First, I was truly a fan of the parking management solution offered by Sharvy. Selling a product I genuinely believe in makes my daily work not only more enjoyable but also more convincing. It’s a pleasure to promote something that you are passionate about and use enthusiastically yourself.

The interactions during meetings with Benoît Mahe, our sales director, and Anaïs Koszul, International Business Developer, also played a role in my decision. They always go extremely well, and the ability to continue speaking Spanish at work is really valuable to me. This not only enriches my professional experience but also strengthens my linguistic skills in a business context.

The atmosphere at Sharvy was a deciding factor. From the start, even as an external collaborator, I felt extremely well integrated. I immediately formed strong bonds with my colleagues, which is essential for me in a work environment. The team spirit is tangible, especially during the breaks between noon and two, where I witnessed office game challenges for the first time. These privileged moments, along with team-building activities, show how much Sharvy values the cohesion and well-being of its teams.

These elements combined (the conviction towards the product, the excellence of professional interactions, and an inclusive and dynamic corporate culture) convinced me that Sharvy was the ideal place to grow and showcase my skills and passion for international business development.

As a business developer, can you describe a typical day at Sharvy? What are the specific challenges associated with this role?

A typical day for me at Sharvy starts with checking emails in the morning. This step allows me to respond to client inquiries and advance ongoing projects. I make sure that all communications are handled with care and precision to maintain good relationships with our clients and partners.

After processing my emails, I check my schedule to organize my day, especially in terms of meetings. These meetings can vary from discussions with incoming leads, in-depth exchanges with companies about their specific needs, and presentations of our solution tailored to these needs. During these sessions, I often demonstrate our application, highlighting the user interface and the many features we offer. This is an essential part of my role, as it helps potential clients visualize how Sharvy can integrate into and optimize their daily operations.

Following each meeting, I take charge of sending quotes and the necessary additional information. Following up on these documents is vital for converting interest into firm contracts. This involves meticulous management and regular follow-ups to lead to the signing of the quote, ensuring that all parties have the necessary information to make an informed decision.

A specific challenge in my role is close collaboration with the technical support, especially for projects that require particular configurations different from usual usage. These exchanges are important to ensure that the proposed solutions (management of company car park, charging points, workstations, or other resources) are perfectly adapted to the unique needs of each client. This requires a solid technical understanding and the ability to effectively communicate client needs to our technical team, Camille and Joël.

My role as a business developer at Sharvy is intensely focused on communication and customizing our approach to optimally meet our clients’ requirements. Each day brings its challenges, but also rewards when we see how our solutions transform the organization of our clients’ work.

How would you describe the corporate culture at Sharvy?

The corporate culture at Sharvy is truly unique and dynamic, characterized by a strong spirit of sharing and collective commitment. First, there is a real sense of teamwork that is evident through the many shared moments and activities organized among us. These initiatives strengthen the bonds between colleagues and create a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Athletically, Sharvy embraces a very active culture! Furthermore, Sharvy is deeply committed to environmental respect. We advocate for soft mobility and have integrated eco-responsible practices into our daily operations. This reflects our commitment not only to the health of our collaborators but also to that of our planet.

Finally, well-being at work is an absolute priority. From the arrival of a new collaborator, an interview is conducted to gather their impressions and feelings. This approach ensures that everyone feels heard and valued from the start, contributing to a work atmosphere where the well-being of each individual is at the heart of the company’s concerns.

In summary, Sharvy cultivates an atmosphere where sharing, sports, respect for the environment, and well-being at work are not just words, but principles that guide our daily lives and our interactions within the company.

Which skills developed in your previous experiences help you the most in your current role?

The skills I developed as an independent real estate agent for four years are invaluable in my current role at Sharvy. The real estate sector, with its often high quotes and complex transactions, taught me the importance of mastering sales techniques. Knowing how to position oneself with clients, daring to propose our products, and ultimately convincing and closing sales, are transferable skills that prepared me to excel in selling any product, including our solutions at Sharvy.

Additionally, the constant contact with clients and the physical prospecting I practiced in real estate are directly applicable to my prospecting strategy at Sharvy. This experience allows me to navigate with ease in the landscape of prospecting international clients, adapting approaches according to the cultural and commercial specificities of each market.

Which advice would you give to someone considering joining Sharvy’s sales team?

If you’re considering joining Sharvy’s sales team, my advice would be not to hesitate. Sharvy is a dynamic and cool company, with strong values focused on well-being at work. Here, we not only advocate for a pleasant and respectful work environment; we truly put it into practice every day.

The company values innovation, respect, and collaboration, while offering numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. It’s an exceptional opportunity to be part of a team that is not only committed to commercial success but also supports each member to achieve their individual goals in a caring environment.

So, if you are passionate about business development and looking for a company culture that actively promotes a healthy balance between professional and personal life, Sharvy could be the perfect place for you to thrive!

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