What is QLWC and what issues does it cover ? – Definition

The acronym QLWC stands for “Quality of Life and Working Conditions” in companies. For ANACT, this acronym groups together and designates under the same heading the actions that make it possible to reconcile both the improvement of working conditions and the overall performance of companies.

Since 2015, implementing a QWL approach within companies has been a legal obligation that is part of a desire to prevent psychosocial risks (PSR). As a result, it must now be part of the NAO (Obligatory Annual Negotiations).

During these negotiations, companies are invited to rethink work conditions.

Consequently, it is an opportunity for them to place central subjects back at the heart of the debate, such as managerial practices, work organization, the content and performance of work, skills development and career paths, interpersonal relations, the management of transformations, equality at work, as well as the prevention and anticipation of occupational and psychosocial risks (RPS) in companies.

From QWL to Quality of Life and Working Conditions : why this evolution and what are the changes?

Since 31 March 2022, the acronym QLWC has officially replaced the term QWL for “Quality of Life at Work” in the French Labour Code.

This change in terminology makes it possible to remove some tricks that contributed to confusing the first definition of QWL! And finally, to participate in reducing it only to moments of conviviality and/or relaxation in the company.

It is true that many companies still emphasize benefits that are not related to work, such as table footballs, ping-pong tables, yoga classes, after-work parties, and internal events, etc. However, more elements are needed to create a good quality of life and working conditions.

Therefore, this evolution allows us to refocus the debate and the attention of companies on the issues related to working itself. For this reason, and to remove any ambiguity, the term “working conditions” has been added to the acronym QWL.

What are the pillars of a successful QLWC approach?

The National Association of HRDs (ANDRH) has defined the six pillars of a practical & co-constructed QLWC approach. Thus, it should be noted that this approach is based on the following:

  • A diagnosis and regular measurement of progress in terms of job satisfaction
  • A participative dynamic by involving employees in the organization of work
  • A collective dimension by training all the company’s players at all levels
  • A professional dialogue to communicate the quality of work & the means of action
  • Continuous reflection on the improvement of working conditions
  • A logic of experimentation with implementing “Test & Learn.”

Examples of actions to implement in your company to improve your QLWC!

Improving the QLWC involves a series of concrete and practical actions directly related to the working conditions of employees. To help you implement it, here are some ideas for action within your company:

  • Develop flexible working conditions (flex-office, desk sharing, hot desking, desk booking, etc.) and/or propose a teleworking policy adapted to your organization.
  • Ensure that your employees can disconnect outside working hours.
  • Rearrange your office space to improve working conditions.
  • Regularly assess the workload of all your employees.
  • Find solutions to avoid work overloads.
  • Train your managers in NVC (Non-Violent Communication)
  • Offer more clarity and meaning at work.
  • Introduce fair variable bonuses.
  • Reduce (as far as possible) the physical strain of the work.

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