What is desk sharing?

Desk sharing, as its name suggests, is simply the fact of sharing offices in a company. Gone are the days of individual, dedicated offices, replaced by sharing! Spaces are rethought and optimised in this sense.

This trend has been developing more and more in recent months due to the health context. Employees alternate between being in the office and teleworking, or are on the move. As a result, many offices remain empty every day, which represents a significant cost for companies. And the solution of that can be to implement desk sharing.

What’s in it for the company?

There are many benefits for the company:

  • A better flow of information between employees
  • An environment more conducive to exchanges and meetings between employees from different teams
  • A stronger team spirit and the promotion of collaborative work
  • Reconcile work performance, health, and well-being at work
  • Optimisation of spaces & occupancy rate, allowing the creation of new ones (break rooms, cafeteria, meeting bubbles, hot desking areas, corpoworking spaces…)
  • A reduction in office space and therefore costs (up to 25% savings on average)

    How to implement desk sharing and make a successful transition?

    • Use reliable data on occupancy and the willingness of teams before making decisions on real estate strategy.
    • Calculate a correct desk sharing ratio.
    • Limit the size of open spaces so that you don’t have open-plan offices with hundreds of people, as your employees want to keep their peace and privacy.
    • Inform managers and teams well in advance to prepare them for these changes.
    • Equip the workstations to meet everyone’s needs: screen, keyboard, mouse, computer support, etc.
    • Provide each employee with a locker so that they can store their documents, personal effects, etc.
    • Digitalising this transformation with the help of a space reservation solution to accompany the employee on a daily basis, like Sharvy.

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