Improve the well-being & QWL

of your employees


Attract & retain your talent by creating a comfortable and welcoming work environment. Offer flexible & smart office solutions while providing all or some of your employees access to the company car park through the Sharvy application.

An intuitive web & mobile application to improve
well-being & quality of life at work


Employees feel more motivated when the employer considers their physical & mental well-being at the office.


This is the share of absenteeism at work that could be reduced if a QWL approach & concrete actions are put in place by the employer.


Employees consider the work environment one of the main reasons they might leave their job.

Opt for a smart space management


icone-cas-dusage-reservation  Manage and facilitate bookings

Via Sharvy, your employees can plan their days on-site by declaring their presence & booking and/or releasing a workstation, room, or parking space.

icone-cas-dusage  Solve your management problems

Imagine rules of good use, systems of prioritisation or sharing spaces between users, and fairness practices to improve your employees’ daily life.

Improve employee experience in the age of hybrid work

icone-cas-dusage-bien-etre  Promote well-being and QWL

End traditional allocation criteria based on seniority and/or hierarchy. Allow all or some of your employees to choose their workspace & benefit from the company car park.

icone-cas-dusage-satisfaction  Boost satisfaction & commitment

Create flexible & adaptable workspaces with Sharvy. Solve the problems related to the management of the company car park & make it the cornerstone of your mobility policy!


Optimise the use of your space & reduce costs


icone-cas-dusage-analyse  Collect and analyse occupancy data

Sharvy combines the data you need to analyse your employees’ office presence, occupancy, and resource utilisation. Meet the challenges of hybrid working & optimise your space with a reporting dashboard.

icone-cas-dusage-budget  Save up to 25% of your costs

Regular monitoring of various data allows you to adapt your practices & avoid substantial costs linked to fallow management of your spaces (car parks, rooms & workstations).

Does your company want to remain competitive in terms of flexibility & improve QWL?

 Turnkey features with Sharvy!


No visibility on the availability or unavailability of spaces before coming to the venue.

No possibility to reserve a space in advance.

Unfair & unoptimised management of your different spaces.

Unfamiliar arrival on site, which reduces the employee experience.

No access control and a lack of fluidity due to a tedious and/or slow identification system.

No real & objective data on the use of your company spaces.


Offer your teams visibility on the availability or unavailability of your spaces (parking, rooms, offices).
Allow them to reserve or release an assigned space quickly.
Help your users to find their place thanks to the dynamic map.
Allow access to different spaces only to people with a reservation for the day.
Obtain various data on the occupation of your spaces.
Restore fairness, sharing, and solidarity in the car park access.

Integrations with third-party solutions to enhance the user experience

Sharvy can interface with various tools you use internally : HRIS, access control, authentication, charging points, etc.

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Ecosystème et intégrations Sharvy

Discover all the features of Sharvy to improve the employee experience & offer more flexibility :

Our customers talk about it best!

“The company needed to review its mobility plan and facilitate the daily commute of its employees to the company Paris headquarters in Bourg-La-Reine. Sharvy responsiveness is to be commended, as is the clarity of the application.”

Sophie VOLLAND, General Services Manager


“The staff is empowered : they have understood the importance of this and comply with the systematic reservation rule, thus freeing up places for colleagues in case of absence. As a result, we have evaluated the potential for additional spaces by at least 30%.”

Florence DUHAMEL, Car Fleet Manager

Frequently asked questions

Why initiate a QWL approach in your company?

Implementing such an approach represents a strategic challenge to reconcile work performance, health, and well-being. There are many benefits.

It is a way of developing your employer brand to attract and retain your best talent. It is also an excellent solution for giving meaning to work, boosting motivation, and improving the commitment of each of your employees. In correlation, their productivity will increase to benefit your company’s overall performance. Finally, this approach also helps to prevent psychosocial risks, reduce absenteeism and promote health at work.

How to measure the QWL in your company?

QWL can be measured in different ways, for example, by monitoring indicators on the health of your employees (rate of occupational illness, unfitness, accidents, etc.). In parallel, you can measure the QWL through perception indicators (satisfaction, sense of fairness and belonging, role clarity, commitment, etc). In addition, you can also monitor operational indicators (absenteeism, turnover, training, etc).

How much does the Sharvy solution cost?

Sharvy offers 3 packages (LITE Package, FLEX Package & ENTERPRISE Package), depending on your needs.

1. The LITE package allows you to test the application free of charge, with unlimited users. It gives you up to 5 parking spaces, 5 workstations, and 2 resources (e.g. company cafeteria spaces, bikes, scooters, etc).

2. The FLEX package is tailored to your needs and is an annual or monthly subscription. This package grows with you & costs between €2 and €4 per space per month. So you have the complete solution to manage your space occupancy as effectively as possible.

3. The ENTERPRISE package is ideal for managing all your company’s resources. This subscription differs from the two previous packages in that it is billed per user and perfectly suits accounts with multiple resources (parking spaces, workstations, places in the company cafeteria, booked lockers, shower slots, etc).

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