Groupe Atlantic

87 parking spaces shared between 250 employees

Since autumn 2019, Sharvy has been assisting the Groupe Atlantic in optimizing the occupation of the 87 parking spaces at its Paris headquarters, which houses 250 employees.

Some key facts about this project :

    • A ratio of one parking space for 3 employees,
    • Savings on the parking budget of 25% since the implementation of Sharvy,
    • Access control at the entrance to the parking by means of a camera with plate recognition.

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    “Renting the parking spaces costs us €153K per year. By sharing the spaces with Sharvy, the potential savings can be as much as €38K per year, which is far from the total cost of the solution.”

    Sophie Volland, General Services Manager

    About Sharvy

    Sharvy develops and markets a digital solution for managing and optimizing shared spaces in companies (parking, workstations, cafeterias, etc).

    The objective? Facilitate the reservation of spaces by employees, to encourage their mobility and to support new ways of work (flex office, hybrid work, desk sharing, etc).

    The application can be used by all types of companies and local authorities with resource optimization issues, all around the world.

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