From 2019, Sharvy is part of the Groupe Atlantic’s mobility plan to optimise the use of parking spaces. In 2020, the application is extended to the cafeteria reservation to apply the social distancing rules linked to Covid-19.

The Groupe Atlantic issue

Major transport strikes have marked the autumn of 2019 in the Parisian region (France). For the Groupe Atlantic, optimising car park access has become a priority.

The car park has 87 spaces and the site has 250 employees: a ratio of 1 to 3. The optimisation of parking spaces became a necessity. An Excel tool was built, but the spreadsheet quickly showed its limits when faced with the details and volumes to be managed. Sophie Volland, at that time the car fleet manager, thinks about the B2B applications she knows for car fleet management. She was looking for one to solve her parking problem. This is how the Sharvy solution was identified.

 “For the company, it is a question of reviewing the mobility plan. The aim is to facilitate the daily journeys of employees to our company’s parisian headquarters in Bourg-La-Reine. Employees have to use their own cars to get to work. The question of sharing parking spaces therefore arose immediately.”

Sophie Volland, Head of General Services

The setting up of Sharvy

A contact form and a demonstration of the tool later, the Groupe Atlantic was given a test account to check the suitability of Sharvy. The building management selected the solution. The application was then set up according to the car park configuration, deployed and adopted by all.

Then came the Covid-19 health crisis. New safety rules for the interior of the premises appeared over the months. This is particularly the case for shared spaces such as company restaurants. A new challenge for General Services to manage, which Sharvy was able to meet in a few weeks!

With the distancing rules, the capacity of the Groupe Atlantic cafeteria was reduced from 50 to 14 places. Taking into account the cleaning time to be expected between two passages of people, the application can offer 3 slots each day. Thus, as of August 2020, the Groupe Atlantic was able to accommodate nearly 50 people at different times for lunch, while respecting all sanitary rules.

 “When there is an emergency to be managed, it is essential to be able to access and test a tool that could provide a solution straight away. If I can use it in five minutes, I consider it a success. Especially with a population of sales people like at our Bourg-La-Reine site who really use their mobile phones a lot. The responsiveness of the Sharvy start-up is to be commended, as is the clarity of the application. It was simple and effective, perfectly adapted, we launched the project!”

Sophie Volland, General Services Manager

What next?

The solution is currently being deployed in the new premises in Arcueil where the car park has 114 spaces. And to optimise everything, a camera with a number plate reader will be installed at the car park entrance. As a result, only employees with a reservation on the day will be able to access the car park.

Sophie Volland is convinced of the flexibility of the solution and even dreams of extending the application to the use of company showers used by cyclists.

 “Many of our employees use the bicycle as their daily means of transport to work. We have therefore installed a changing room with a shower. Why not an additional Sharvy add-on, to organise access to the showers while respecting the sanitary rules?”

Sophie Volland, General Services Manager

Like the Groupe Atlantic, manage your company’s shared spaces intelligently and digitally!