Sharvy allows, in addition to optimising the reservation of parking spaces, to manage parking access control. For that, 2 options: camera with plate recognition, or a barrier opening IoT module to control it from the app.

Both options have been recently upgraded to offer you even more services! Let’s have a look at the latest news.

1. Camera with plate recognition

A new model of camera with plate recognition is now supported by Sharvy: Vivotek cameras.

The list of authorised plates (vehicles of people with permanent access to the car park, or users with a reservation on the day) is transferred to the camera regularly, for example every 5 minutes. And even if the network is no longer available, the cameras continue to operate in autonomous mode.

In addition, TIL Technologies access control can also connect to Sharvy.

2. IoT module

Parking access control can be done via our IoT module connected to the barrier’s automation. It allows thanks to a button in the app to command its opening when we have a reservation.

This module can now control 2 different barriers. The administrator declares a main barrier and the controlled relay. He can also define authorized access times and a group of spaces associated with a barrier.

For more security, the opening of the barriers can be limited according to the IP addresses of the users. For example, it would only allow access to people close to the building.

The administrator can view the status of the communication with the IoT module via a graph and set up the sending of an email in case of a problem.