Optimize flex office
and desk booking management

Support hybrid work by choosing desk sharing and flex office for your company.

Sharvy - Desk booking and workplace management

An application to help companies, public organizations and universities rethink their workspaces.

Share desks between users

Give to your employees more flexibility & facilitate cross-functional collaboration and learning thanks to desk sharing.

Optimize & redesign unoccupied square meters

Rethink your workspaces, no longer in terms of people, but in terms of uses, to achieve up to 40% savings in floor space.

Make significant savings!

Reduce and rationalize the number of vacant offices, thanks to desk sharing, and then make cost savings due to space reduction.

Promote well-being and QWL

Encourage team collaboration by opting for the flex office. Build loyalty among your employees by offering them more flexibility.

How does this desk booking solution work?

Sharvy - Set up your Desk booking account

1. Set up your Sharvy account

   Definition of workstations & their typologies,

   Creation of spaces: rooms, open-spaces, dedicated offices,

   Definition of management rules and occupancy rates.

   Import and profiling of users,

   Integration with your tools and third-party solutions.

2. Allow your teams to reserve or release a workspace, and to obtain one

   Release a workstation in case of absence of the holder,

   Request a desk reservation on days when you are on site,

   Automatic allocation of spaces by our fair algorithm,

   Sending notifications by email and via the mobile application.

Sharvy - Book a desk
Sharvy - Access control to the building

3. Control and secure access to your workspaces

   Allow access only to people with a reservation,

   Connection to your existing system (RFID readers & badges, etc),

   Connection to your HRIS software to fine-tune attendance and access control,

   Management and view of access to the building.

4. Monitor and analyze your space occupancy

   Dashboards on workspace occupancy,

   Real-time view of availability by space type,

   History of use of the application,

   CSV and Excel export of data.

Sharvy - Statistics

Do you want to manage and optimize the occupancy of your workspaces?

Integrations with third-party solutions to enhance the user experience

Sharvy can interface with a multitude of other applications you use internally: HRIS, access control, authentication, charging stations, etc. Contact us to discuss!


A turnkey solution for all situations

Company relocation

Optimizing occupancy

Improving QWL

Implementing flex office

You are moving and will have less space and m² than currently?

Sharvy can help you to ensure that this reduction in space does not affect your employees :

  • Study of the mobility habits of the users,
  • Sharing of spaces and work areas between employees,
  • Management of access control to the building and parking lot, etc.

In the age of hybrid work, are you faced with allocated but unoccupied spaces?

Sharvy can help you analyze and optimize the occupancy rate of your parking and workspaces :

  • Reservation of available spaces by employees,
  • Activity history, number of reservations and which types,
  • Occupancy statistics for the various spaces, etc.

Do your employees have high expectations in terms of flexibility & innovation?

Sharvy can help you to improve the well-being of your employees and retain them :

  • Global vision on reservations & space availability,
  • Automatic workspace allocation according to a fair algorithm,
  • Sharing of offices between users to encourage the decompartmentalisation.

Do you want to do away with individual offices & offer more flexibility to your employees?

Sharvy can help you implement the flex office in your company and excel in this new organization :

  • Sharing workspaces between employees,
  • Fair and innovative management & allocation rules,
  • An optimized and simplified hybrid work policy.

Have a look at this office parking application and discover all the features.

They talk about it best!

“Sharvy has enabled us to implement the flex office. The application is easy to use and ergonomic. In just 2 clicks, employees book an desk according to their needs or release it when they are not on site.”

Nelly BARDET, Multimedia Designer in the Talent Development & QWL Department

Logo Onet

“Sharvy was quickly adopted by our employees, who immediately understood its value. Via the application, 60 spaces are allocated every day, on average, to our employees who request one.”

Élisabeth COQUET-REINIER, President of the supervisory board and of the responsible development committee

Logo CTG

“The Sharvy solution was unanimously approved! Since its deployment, there has been an immediate and visible change: there are now enough spaces for everyone at our main site. Sharvy has completely replaced the old system based on fixed allocation of named spaces.”

Mickael CHESSA, Facility Manager

Frequently asked questions

Does the Sharvy solution allow you to declare your planning several weeks in advance?

That’s the whole point! Sharvy allows you to anticipate your presence or absence on site, up to 4 weeks in advance (if you wish). The application also allows you to select the day or half day.

Therefore, with just a few clicks, you can plan your presence over the coming weeks and book the type of workstation you want in advance.

Does Sharvy connect to HRIS, reporting & billing software?

Yes, of course it does! The Sharvy application can interface with many HRIS software, such as: Kelio, Lucca, Cegedim, etc. At Sharvy, our aim is to provide a personalized experience that suits your needs.

This is why, if you wish to make a transition from a traditional work organization, to a flex office, desk sharing & desk booking organization, we advise you to connect your HRIS to Sharvy. This avoids double seizure for the employee, and automatically blocks the booking on days when the employee is on holiday or teleworking.

In parallel, it should be noted that Sharvy can also interface with various reporting & invoicing software, such as: SAP, Tableau, etc.

How long does the Sharvy solution take to deploy?

It takes 3 to 4 weeks from the time our support team receives all the necessary elements to create the Sharvy space.

Please note that the deployment time of the solution depends on the profile of the account created (technical specificities or not, installation of access control equipment, specific developments, etc).

Do you need more information about Sharvy and the desk booking?