A company relocation planned soon?


Your company is moving, and you will have fewer m² or parking spaces? With Sharvy, share spaces between employees to gain up to 30% more space and make significant savings thanks to a reorganization of the workspaces!

A web & mobile application to solve
problems related to the relocation of companies


Companies’ space is unoccupied daily due to teleworking, travel, holidays, and/or sick days.


Users per parking space. This is the new average ratio in the parking lot of companies that have adopted Sharvy following a move.


This is the amount of space that companies can save by opting for flex office and/or desk sharing following a move.

Make it easier for your employees to come to the company


icone-cas-dusage  Share your places to gain capacity

Share your spaces between employees and allow everyone to reserve the incumbents’ seats when they are absent.

icone-cas-dusage-controle-dacces  Manage the access control

With Sharvy, optimize your parking lot and build access control to enable entry only to those with a reservation.

Support & reassure your employees

icone-cas-dusage-bien-etre  Promote well-being and QWL

Eliminate all sources of start-of-day stress that an employee may face : finding a parking space, knowing where to sit in the flex office, etc.

icone-cas-dusage-flexibilite  Make the shift to flexibility

Initiate a flexible working approach in line with your corporate culture and the aspirations of your employees.


Collect & analyze occupancy data


icone-cas-dusage-analyse  Optimize your property costs

Limit unoccupied spaces (parking spaces, workstations, etc.) and reduce the cost per occupant by 25%. The money saved can then be reinvested in other areas!

icone-cas-dusage-piloter-site  Manage & control your different spaces

Analyze & measure the occupancy rate of your spaces (parking, workstations, cafeteria) and make the right management decisions to improve the employee experience.

Will you soon face a reduction in your square footage due to a move?

Turnkey features with Sharvy!


No visibility on the availability of spaces (parking, offices, etc.)

No possibility of reserving a space before coming to the site.

Unfair and unoptimized management of resources.

Unfamiliar arrival on site, which reduces the employee experience.

Complex multi-site management.

No access control and/or lack of fluidity due to a tedious and/or slow identification system.

No real and objective data on the use of spaces.


Make it easy for your employees & visitors to come to the company & park.
Allow your teams to reserve or release a designated space.
Help your users to find their place thanks to the dynamic map.
Facilitate multi-site management.
Allow access to your parking lot and/or building only to people with a reservation.
Analyze your space occupancy and Sharvy application usage since your move.

Integrations with third-party solutions to enhance the user experience

Sharvy can interface with a multitude of other applications you use internally: HRIS, access control, authentication, charging stations, etc. Contact us to discuss!

Ecosystème et intégrations Sharvy

Discover all the features of Sharvy to make your move easier, from every angle :

Our customers talk about it best!

The company needed to review its mobility plan and facilitate the daily commute of its employees to the company Paris headquarters in Bourg-La-Reine. Sharvy responsiveness is to be commended, as is the clarity of the application.”

Sophie VOLLAND, General Services Manager

“What I liked about the concept was that we gave people autonomy and introduced technology into the parking lot. And then the user benefit is obvious, especially for our students and their organization !”

Julien Urruty, Director of the Resources Unit in charge of the project

Frequently asked questions

What are the key steps to a successful business move?

Moving to new premises is a sensitive event that requires careful preparation if it is to be a real opportunity for development and growth.

To ensure that the move occurs in the best possible conditions, think about defining and communicating the objectives so everyone can plan. Next, conduct an internal survey and discuss the perception of the move with your employees. They should feel included and see that their opinions count. At the same time, set a timetable and organize the operational stages of the move.

Finally, once you have given notice of your old premises, it is time to define the new work organization you wish to implement to optimize your spaces. Flex office, desk sharing, hot desking, corpoworking ? The possibilities are numerous! Once you have chosen, it is wise to modernize your staff’s workflow by implementing a space reservation system (car parks, offices, open spaces, etc.). Doing so improves your well-being and quality of life at work.

How best to involve employees while a company moves?

It is essential to win the support of the employees by involving them as much as possible in the relocation project. On the one hand, they need to know what they are agreeing to, and on the other hand, they need time to prepare themselves for this significant change in their habits.

For this reason, organizing a site visit is a good idea. This way, they can start to plan and calculate, for example, the new commuting time. Finally, if you want to modernize the employee journey and/or optimize your new spaces, use a digital solution such as Sharvy.

Note that by opting for this solution, Sharvy experts will accompany you in your moving project and provide you with a user guide for the application to communicate internally. This way, you can take the time to inform your employees, avoid upsetting their habits, and answer their concerns.

How long does the Sharvy solution take to deploy?

Consider at least 3 to 4 weeks from when our support team receives all the elements necessary to create the Sharvy space. However, the deployment time of the solution varies and may be longer depending on the profile of the area to be made (technical specificities or not, installation of access control equipment, specific developments, etc).

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