About us

Our job

At Sharvy, we develop and market a digital solution to help companies optimize the use of their shared spaces: parking spaces, offices, or any type of resource that needs to be managed by time slots.

At a time when working practices are evolving towards hybrid systems, companies are increasingly having to rethink their spaces. Parking spaces and offices are no longer occupied 100% by a single person due to teleworking, travel or holidays. Empty spaces represent a major cost for companies, so they are looking for ways to make the most of them. Thanks to the Sharvy application, spaces can be shared between employees and not left vacant.

Our history

Created in 2018 under the name MyCarSpot, the solution initially managed parking spaces exclusively.

In 2020, following demand from customers needing to reorganize their spaces during the Covid-19 health crisis, we developed an option for managing workstations and all the company’s resources. At the end of 2020, we raised €1.3m to accelerate the company’s growth, develop new functionalities and consolidate our teams.

In 2021, to keep pace with changes in our product offering, MyCarSpot became Sharvy, the digital solution for managing shared spaces in companies. This new name, derived from the verb “to share”, perfectly reflects our current activity based on sharing resources between employees.

Today, Sharvy has 60,000 users in some fifteen countries, mainly in Europe.

Our team

The Sharvy team is divided into 4 departments, working together every day to offer you the best possible service:

  • The Tech team, whose mission is to develop new features for the solution and ensure its availability.
  • The Support team, which assists our customers in configuring the solution to their specific requirements and in training users.
  • The Business team, which shares its expertise with companies and helps our user community to grow.
  • The Marketing team, which enables Sharvy to make itself known to companies with parking or workspace management problems.

Our values


At Sharvy, we are driven by the desire to constantly innovate. Our goal is to develop and offer new features on the application every month to meet our customers’ needs.


The relationships we have with our partners, employees and customers are important. We make it a point of honor to communicate and exchange information in a respectful and caring way.


Work is important, but always in a good mood! That’s why at Sharvy, once a month, we organize teambuilding activities to share all together good times outside the office.

Our CSR commitments

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) has always been a major concern for Sharvy, particularly in terms of our employees and the environment. To confirm our commitments in this area and to go even further, since May 2023 the company has held the Lucie 26 000 label.

Among our actions, we can highlight: the collection of waste in the street, training in Responsible Digital for employees, awareness raising against harassment and discrimination, the definition of a responsible purchasing policy, etc.

And to monitor Sharvy’s social and environmental impact, a Carbon Footprint has been produced for 2022: 84 tonnes of CO2 emitted, 32% less than the average of companies in our sector. A result in keeping with our commitments, which we hope to maintain over time.