Organize the flex office serenely


Does your company want to modernize & meet the high expectations of your employees for flexibility at work ? Opt for the flex office, and organize it easily with Sharvy. Allow your employees to reserve a workspace and plan their weeks easily.

An intuitive web & mobile application to facilitate the
office management & improve the employee experience


Employees who use the flex office say they are satisfied with their new work environment (of which 20% are delighted).


Employees are concerned that their employers are not adapting their current offices to suit hybrid working better.


This is the average rate of desk sharing in companies. This means that there are, on average, 7 workstations for 10 employees.

Make it easier for your employees to come to the company


icone-cas-dusage  Make it easy to book a workspace

Share your workstations between employees and allow everyone to reserve the workstations of the incumbents when they are absent.

icone-cas-dusage-visibilite  Give visibility to your teams

With Sharvy, provide real-time visibility of workspace availability or unavailability through a dedicated tab in the application.

Improve the working environment of your employees

icone-cas-dusage-controle-dacces  Streamline building access control

Do away with tedious and/or slow means of identification. Allow entry only to people with a reservation.

icone-cas-dusage-bien-etre  Promote well-being & QWL

Offer more autonomy & flexibility to your employees, and allow them to choose the workspace that suits their needs : open spaces, individual rooms & offices, etc.


Collect & analyze occupancy data


icone-cas-dusage-analyse  Optimize your property costs

Faced with an increasing number of vacant offices, reverse the trend & reduce your operating costs while saving up to 40% in floor space thanks to flex office.

icone-cas-dusage-piloter-site  Customize & manage your workspaces

Analyze & measure the occupancy rate of your spaces (rooms, workstations & workspaces) and make the right management decisions, no longer based on people but on usage.

Is your company considering a flex office, but you need to know where to start?

Turnkey features with Sharvy!


No visibility on the availability of workspaces (open spaces, rooms, offices).

No possibility of reserving a place before coming to the site.

Unfair and unoptimized management of resources.

Unfacilitated arrival on site, which reduces the employee experience.

No access control or lack of fluidity due to a tedious and/or slow identification system.

No real & objective data on space usage.


Provide your teams with visibility on the availability or unavailability of a workspace.
Allow them to reserve or release an assigned workstation.
Let our algorithm distribute available spaces by team and/or by zone.
Help your users find their place with the dynamic map.
Allow access to the building only to people with a reservation for the day.
Analyze your space occupancy since the implementation of the flex office and the use of the Sharvy application.

Integrations with third-party solutions to enhance the user experience

Sharvy can interface with a multitude of other applications you use internally: HRIS, access control, authentication, charging stations, etc. Contact us to discuss!

Ecosystème et intégrations Sharvy

Discover all the features of the Sharvy application to facilitate your transition to the flex office & make your employees adopt it!

Our customers talk about it best!


“Sharvy has enabled us to implement the flexible desk and better manage our company car park. The application is easy to use and ergonomic. Employees reserve a space and an office according to their needs in just two clicks or release them when not on site.”

Nelly BARDET, Multimedia Designer in the Talent Development & QWL Department

Frequently asked questions

What HRIS software can Sharvy connect with?

Sharvy can interface with a multitude of other applications you use internally and various third-party solutions : carpooling (KAROS), electric charging stations, access control, and also with your HRIS software (Lucca, Kelio, etc).

By connecting to your HRIS software, the Sharvy solution considers and ensures the proper management of users’ days off, absences, and teleworking days by automatically blocking reservations for the days concerned. However, it should be noted that this requires additional development, especially if the connector still needs to be created.

Does the Sharvy solution connect to badge access controls?

Many companies use a personal badge system to manage the comings and goings of visitors and employees in some areas of the company (car park, meeting rooms, etc.) and, in particular, to manage the various authorization profiles.

This is why the Sharvy solution can effectively connect to existing badge systems. Depending on the technology, we may develop a software interface (API) to “connect” the Sharvy application directly to the badge readers. Please feel free to discuss this with us at our first meeting!

How long does the Sharvy solution take to be deployed in companies?

Most of the time, it takes 3 to 4 weeks from when our support team receives all the elements necessary to create the Sharvy space. However, keep in mind that the deployment time of the solution varies according to the profile of the area to be made (technical specificities or not, installation of access control material, specific developments, etc).

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