Optimising your company car park can quickly become complicated and time-consuming: Where do you start? What questions should you ask yourself? What are the strengths and areas for improvement? How to identify them?

Thanks to our experience and our support of our clients, we have been able to identify recurring issues that are essential to the proper management of a company car park: spaces adapted to the different vehicles, secure access, clearly visible signage, and much more!

We have created a checklist for you that brings together these essential points to help you improve your car park. The 21 items are divided into three main themes: access and security, layout and parking.

Checklist : Optimising your company car park!

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Many companies have already taken the step of intelligent and digital management of their car park, why not you?

Sharvy helps you manage and optimise your car park with a dedicated digital solution that takes care of everything for you: reservation and space allocation management, access control, statistics, etc. Discover the solution!