The Yvelines Departmental Council is facilitating the mobility of its teams and optimizing the management of its 370 places spread over 2 different sites thanks to Sharvy.

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Context of the Yvelines Departmental Council

The Council’s head quarter, located in Versailles (France) city centre, has a parking lot with 100 spaces for 450 employees. The Departmental Council also has a second site in Guyancourt, with a 270-space parking lot for 660 employees.

Until now, these spaces were allocated by name. As these parking lots were full, staff were put on a waiting list to obtain a designated space and finally have access to it. However, due to business travel, teleworking and holidays, it was not uncommon to see spaces remain unoccupied throughout the day.

Florence Duhamel - Conseil Départemental des Yvelines / Yvelines Departmental Council

We had available spaces, but we couldn’t allocate them temporarily to other agents, which created a certain amount of frustration and dissatisfaction among those who were denied access to the parking lot.

Florence DUHAMEL
Vehicle Fleet Manager at the launch of the project, Yvelines Department

Setting up of Sharvy

A call for tenders was launched in summer 2019 to identify the most appropriate solution for managing the parking lot on the Versailles site in a simple and rapid way. Sharvy responded and was selected. The project, steered by the Vehicle Fleet Department of the General Resources Division, was launched in September.

With the help of Sharvy customer support, the Yvelines Departmental Council teams configured their space according to their specific requirements : parking lot map, priority rules, choice of holders, user integration, etc. The Sharvy application was deployed at the Versailles site in just a few weeks. A few months later, following the success of the solution at this first parking lot, it was the turn of their second site in Guyancourt to adopt it.

Favourite features

Use case - Multisite parking management

The 5 features most used by the Yvelines Departmental Council on a daily basis are:

  • Reservation and release of spaces by agents themselves, enabling the sharing of spaces between everyone (the flex parking).
  • Parking access control, via a button in the application to open the barrier only if the user has a reservation.
  • A dynamic map of the parking lot, so that users can easily find the space allocated to them.
  • Visitor access management, to modernize the image of the local authority.
  • Administrator reservation of a given pool of spaces, so that they are not allocated in the event of construction work, for example.

    Benefits noted

    The application, which was quickly taken up by the 1,100 employees, has enabled an informal practice to become widespread: some had already got into the habit of lending a non-tenured colleague their parking space when they were absent. The sharing of spaces and the cooperation of all staff have enabled to estimate the potential of additional spaces available at at least 30%.

    Today, the number of vehicles with access to the Yvelines Departmental Council parking lots has doubled. This new management of spaces based on sharing has improved the well-being and quality of life of staff who did not have access rights and who now enjoy a new benefit.

    The application is also being used for two other purposes :

    • Facilitating and modernizing visitor access at these two main sites,
    • Limiting inconvenience when construction work is being carried out on the parking lot by dynamically reassigning the spaces concerned.
    Florence Duhamel - Conseil Départemental des Yvelines / Yvelines Departmental Council

    Sharvy solution is highly flexible and easy to use. The agents who use the reservation system are empowered. They have understood the benefits and comply with the systematic reservation rule, thereby freeing up spaces for colleagues when they are absent. Thanks to the cooperation of everyone, the number of spaces available has increased. We have estimated the potential additional availability of places at at least 30%.

    Florence DUHAMEL
    Vehicle Fleet Manager at the launch of the project, Yvelines Department

    Do you need to optimize your company parking lot? Do you want to modernize its access and management?

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